Using A Serviced Office To Improve Company Culture

‘Culture’ has been a buzzword for many years now, yet company culture is very difficult to define.

‘Culture’ has been a buzzword for many years now, yet company culture is very difficult to define. Culture describes and governs the ways a company’s owners and employees think, feel and act, and it tends to develop organically over time. Your culture has a significant impact on employee retention rates and having a good company culture is key to improving employee satisfaction and productivity as well as future business growth. In fact, 94% of entrepreneurs and 88% of job seekers say that a healthy culture at work is vital for success.

There are several factors that will influence your company culture, from your business values and operational structure to your leadership styles and employee attitudes. As you may expect, your office space will also have an impact on your culture and if you’re keen to improve the culture of your company, there are several ways you can do so using your serviced office. After all, an office is more than just a professional space to work from, it’s a home for your company and a place where your employees will build relationships and progress in their careers.

Revamp your office with the help of your team

In order to have a positive company culture, it is key to listen to your employees. Revamping your office space can help you to improve your culture, but it is essential to speak to your team before you do so. Learning more about their wants and needs in relation to your workspace will enable you to implement design changes wherever necessary. Ideally, your private office design should be a combination of everyone’s preferences and this will show your employees that you care about their thoughts and opinions. Creating an office space that everyone enjoys spending time in can have a really positive impact on your culture for years to come.

Create a healthy work environment

There are several ways you can create and maintain a healthy work environment, and this will have a knock-on effect on your company culture. Employees want to feel safe and welcome in their workplace, and improving the atmosphere in your office can boost morale and wellbeing. Simple things such as; recognising your team’s hard work, showing appreciation for their time and having an open line of communication can make a huge difference. Similarly, making sure your employees have the equipment and resources they need, and that your office is kept clean and tidy will help to ensure you have a healthier work environment.

Don’t overlook the small details

A huge emphasis is placed on colour scheme and layout when designing a serviced office space, but the smaller details are arguably just as important. Ensuring your office has adequate lighting, is kept at a comfortable temperature and has good air quality can help you to improve your company culture. When you pay attention to the small details, you will demonstrate your dedication to keeping your team happy during the working day. Your employees are your most valuable asset, so making sure they’re comfortable whilst working is really important. Dedicating time and attention to the small details can improve engagement, productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Ensure your team has the workspaces they need

Not everyone works in the same way and depending on their working styles, your employees may thrive in different work environments. Providing your team with a variety of different workspace options, from meeting rooms and conference spaces to phone booths, will enable them to choose the perfect space to work from, depending on their specific requirements. Providing a range of work environments can not only help your team to perform at their best, but it will enable them to enjoy their time at work. Focusing on what your employees need in order to be successful will also help them to thrive and feel satisfaction in their role.

Design a collaborative space

Building genuine working relationships can have a huge impact on company culture and encouraging your team to work together gives them the opportunity to get to know each other more. Having collaborative working zones in your serviced office and allowing employees to work together on team projects can help them to build better relationships. Swapping your traditional cubicle layout for something more open-planned can foster collaboration too and this will make it easier for your team to assist one another with various tasks throughout the day. Promoting collaboration over competition can be brilliant for company culture.

Provide relaxing breakout areas

Prioritising employee health and wellbeing is crucial these days and employees expect more from their employers in this regard. Caring for your team and putting strategies in place to support their physical and mental health can have a significant effect on company culture. A really straightforward way to support employees’ wellbeing is to provide them with breakout spaces to use during their breaks. Breakout areas will help your team relax and recharge during the working day, and spending time away from their desks can reduce stress levels. Your employees can mingle in a breakout space as well, helping to create a community spirit.

Comparing serviced offices in Marylebone

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