How to create a positive company culture in an office environment

Innovative organisations realise that creating an office environment that people want to work in is key to a positive company culture

Company culture isn’t something you can see or measure yet it’s pivotal when it comes to the success of a business.  When it’s positive, company culture attracts talent, encourages people to perform at their best, and inspires loyalty, but how do you create it in an office environment? 

It all begins and ends with happy employees so it pays to think about physical office space.  It’s no coincidence that the grey, characterless offices that were a feature of the 80s, 90s, and noughties, have given way to lighter, airier spaces with a consideration to design, comfort, and overall mood.

Take a look at one of Google’s offices and you’ll find fake grass, putting greens, swimming pools, funky design features, and sofas made for sprawling. This attention to detail isn’t purely for PR purposes. Google knows that creating the kind of office space that millennials dream of working in, is a surefire way to attract the best minds in the business and keep hold of the workforce.

While environment is key when it comes to building a positive company culture in the office, other factors that contribute to the overall mood and well-being of employees are equally as important. A Workplace Happiness Study conducted by Indeed in 2021 showed that 95% of people believe that it is possible to feel happy at work. Happiness specialist Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky says that happier people are more successful, experience greater creativity, and are less likely to burn out.

The survey showed that a sense of belonging, purpose, and enjoying work are ranked more highly than pay!

The keys to creating a happier workforce and a positive company culture include:

Being valued – every employee wants to feel valued without exception and as part of One Avenue’s offering; our team provides ‘Magic Moments’, small acts of service that show people that they are cared for. It can be anything from providing breakfast for somebody who had a bad day previously or remembering a big birthday.

big birthday

A feeling of belonging  – a positive work environment is one where everybody feels a sense of belonging. For this reason, social interaction is something to be encouraged and an office space that accommodates this is a happy one. Employees should feel able to take breaks when they need to and have access to areas where they can relax and interact with others. We have a designated games room at our Fenchurch Street offices, which is extremely popular.

Feeling valued at work

A sense of purpose – it’s important for employees to feel that their work is having a positive impact on the company. Managers, who take time to explain to team members why their work is so important, raise morale and ensure that everybody stays motivated.

Sense of purpose at work

Be serious about self-care and mental well-being – well-being is a buzzword in the 21st-century work environment, but don’t just pay lip service to the concept, because employees will quickly cotton on and feel as if they don’t matter. A healthy office is one where stress levels aren’t allowed to escalate, employees are encouraged to look after themselves and believe that their well-being is a priority. Our Farringdon offices are well-being focused, as we understand the value of looking after people. The building houses a fitness centre, we arrange well-being events and encourage people to spend some of their working day outdoors in a beautiful courtyard. You can even bring your dog to work at our Farringdon building!

Bring your dog to our Farringdon office

Communicate core values – everyone working for the company should be aware of its core values and these should be reflected in everything the business does, right down to the smallest detail.

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