Reflecting your Company’s Vision

Your office space is about you and your employees. We assist you in designing the ideal office
space that enhances productivity, improves wellbeing, helps you promote your company
branding, boost creativity and attract talented employees. We support you throughout your entire
office design experience, helping save you time and resources.

Enhance Productivity

All businesses want productive employees, which will ultimately lead to a successful business. Changing the design of your office space can significantly contribute to the productivity of your employees, with colour, lighting, temperature, seating and scent all being contributing factors.

Improve Wellbeing

Your office design should also consider the wellbeing of your employees. The physical and mental health of your team can be impacted based on the design of your space and with wellbeing so important, that makes the design of your office crucial to the success of your business.

Define your Brand Image

Studies have shown that having your brand image throughout your office space increases employee happiness and retention, allowing you to keep hold of your talented team. Be proud of your brand and the success you have made it!

Boost Creativity

Your employees should have a space where they can unleash their creativity, coming up with new ideas that will take your business to the next level. Giving your employees the space is be creative is key, therefore allow One Avenue to help you design your office space.

Attract Talented Employees

How an office space looks and feels is becoming ever more important to potential employees, becoming a deciding factor in their job search. Ensure you do not lose top talent based on the design of your space, but instead attract and retain top talent.

Stage 1

Understand your Vision

We sit with you in your pre-move in meeting to understand your design requirements for the office space. We will discuss everything from your current office space likes and dislikes to the future vision of your business, ensuring we design the exact space you are after.
Stage 2

Virtual Space Designing

Before we begin designing your space, our design team can provide you with virtual floorplans of your space as well as a virtual walk through of the space, allowing you to explore your office space before you spend money decorating. Our state-of-the-art floorplans are perfect for visualising your new space.
Stage 3

Design Research

Our team will then begin researching to find the perfect furniture for your office space. You are also able to have access to our furniture inventory, saving you money while creating your dream office space. We are also able to provide carbon neutral furniture options to comply with your CSR strategy.
Stage 4


Once you are happy, we will begin the fit-out stage with installation of your office design, making sure you are happy with all of the design decisions. Then all you and your team need to do is enjoy your space, making it your home away from home.

Psychology of your Space

Special TouchesNow that you have the basics sorted, it is important to finish your design off with some touches that will mean a lot to your employees.

ColourMany know the psychology of colours, however it is important to add this to your office, creating a space that reflects your business needs.

ScentsScents help to bring out different emotions, our team are trained in knowing the best scents for your office goals.

SoundEnsuring your employees are in an office space that allows them to concentrate while working hard is key to the success of their day.

TemperatureBeing able to control the temperature in your office space is crucial for your employees’ concentration and productivity.

LightingLighting is important to consider, creating a bright and fresh feeling in your office space, while adding to the atmosphere of your space.

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