Working Together to Create
Positive Change

The real estate industry produces 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, which means we need
to take responsibility, creating positive change that drives the future of our business and your
business forward. We have already made a great start, creating initiatives across our business to
support our community from a social and environmental capacity.

Community Engagement

Giving back to the community we call home means a lot to us. Throughout One Avenue’s history we have donated tens of thousands of pounds to charity as well as our time. We also offer our employees a day annual leave for volunteering purposes, ensuring we give our employees the time they need to be able to give back.

Take a look at our Flagship schemes, which we continue to give back to. These include the donation of clothes to local homeless shelters and food to London foodbanks. London is the home of our business, and it is important we do all we can to give back to those who also call this city home.

Environmental Changes

One Avenue have a range if initiatives that have helped to create positive change on our environment. Our most recent scheme is our ‘Plant a Tree for Every Desk’, this scheme also encourages our clients to purchase tree on behalf of their business, which offset the environmental impacts of moving office space.

All of our centres encourage sustainable commuting with secure cycle racks and some of our centres having electric charging points, providing a sustainable alternative for all our clients.

Our centres are equipped for reusing and recycling, creating a space where everyone can fulfil sustainable practices, changing small habits to make a big difference.

Sustainable Suppliers

We do not operate on our own, therefore it is important that we hold all of our suppliers accountable, giving them ample opportunity to ensure they are meeting our sustainability policies. From construction to the biscuits in our boardrooms, every one of our suppliers can make a difference.

We are also in the process of using only green cleaning products, ensuring that we take accountability for the products we are using in-house. We also give our clients to option to take accountability too, with the option to purchase carbon neutral office furniture for their new office space, giving options to all!

Employee Development

We not only consider changes for our environmental impacts but also consider our social responsibility. One Avenue Group are an equal opportunity employer, offering all those an equal chance to join our workforce. We understand that having a diverse workforce comes with unique skills and mindsets that we can learn and develop from.

For those that join One Avenue Group, we ensure to provide outstanding training within your role, allowing our employees to be able to achieve anything they want. Additionally, we offer support services through our Employee Assistance Programme, which allows every employee at One Avenue to feel cared for and valued as we understand that life may not always be plain sailing!

Flagship Schemes


                              Plant a tree scheme

Working with our brand partners MoreTrees, we work to plant hundreds of trees a year to combat the impacts we inevitably make within our business. We Plant a Tree for Every Desk we sell to also ensure that we offset the emissions created from office moves. Our clients are also able to buy trees on their behalf. Take a look below at the number of trees that we have planted so far…

Flagship Schemes


                              Everything Off at Night

It is important that we are doing all we can to reduce our energy consumption, therefore at One Avenue we operate an ‘Everything Off at Night’ rule, which reduces unnecessary energy consumption. We have the goal to reduce our energy consumption by 20% at the end of 2023 and to be Net Zero by 2030, so we ask our clients to do all they can to reduce this when possible.

Flagship Schemes


                              Supporting the Homeless

Homelessness is on the rise in London, which is the city we call home; therefore, we want to do all we can to help those in our community. We get our clients, suppliers, and employees to get involved with donating clothes which we transport to local homeless shelters to ensure those on living on the street have anything they need.

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