The Importance Of Having An Office Near Good Transport Links

Across Great Britain, 68% of people who commute will travel to work by car.

Across Great Britain, 68% of people who commute will travel to work by car. However, this percentage differs quite significantly between regions and only 27% of people living in London will use a car for their commute. London is known for being a city that is easy to navigate via public transport and if you have an office space in the capital, being near good transport links is really important. You can almost guarantee that the vast majority of your employees will use public transport for their commute and there are several benefits associated with making it as easy as possible for them to get to your office.

When choosing a new serviced office for your business, location is a key factor to consider and below we have looked into why the accessibility of your workspace is so important.

Why all businesses should be located near transport links

Whenever you’re renting a serviced office in central London, being in an easy-to-access location can aid your business success in more ways than you may initially realise. Ensuring there are various transport links within walking distance of your serviced office space can be beneficial for reasons such as;

Improve commutes

Being well-located will have a huge impact on your employees’ daily commutes and it can prevent them from spending hours travelling before and after work. When your team can get to your office space by train, tube or even bus and their commutes are fairly straightforward, they can spend more time at home, improving their work-life balance. When your team spends less time travelling, they won’t be as tired or stressed either, and they will perform better during the working day.

Of course, with the cost of living rising, having a well-located office can help to reduce the cost of travelling to and from work too. If you don’t contribute towards your employees’ commuting costs, anything you can do to reduce travel costs will be greatly appreciated.

Attract more candidates

If you have good transport links near your central London office, good candidates will be more likely to apply for your job vacancies. Their future commute is something all prospective employees will take into consideration when applying for a new job and the easier it is for them to get to your office, the more attractive the job role will be. Candidates from further afield will likely consider your job vacancies when you’re in close proximity to transport links too. People are more willing to travel longer distances to get to the office when their commute will be straightforward.

Reduce carbon footprint

Making it as easy as possible for your employees to use public transport when they’re travelling to and from the office can have a positive impact on your business’s carbon footprint. If every member of your team commutes in their own car, this will increase congestion in the capital and the carbon emissions being emitted. It is more important than ever before for businesses to implement sustainable changes that reduce their carbon footprint and moving to a better-located office can help your employees commute via greener modes of transport.

Useful transport links in London

As mentioned above, there are lots of transport links in London that can make commuting much easier for your employees. When you’re deciding where you’d like your new serviced office to be located, the following transport options will likely be useful to have nearby;

Tube stations

The vast majority of people who live and work in London will commute on the tube. Travelling around London on the tube is quick and convenient, and it can be quite affordable too. Ideally, your office space should be within walking distance of at least one tube station to make it as easy as possible for your team to get the tube to and from work.

Train stations

When your serviced office is close to a train station, you’re more likely to attract people who live outside of the city. Getting the train to work is often the easiest way to commute when employees live in other regions and it is much less hassle than driving. Having a train station relatively close to your office will be useful when your clients are visiting you too.


This type of transport won’t be required by everyone, but should your employees travel a lot for work, being close by to an airport can be very helpful. It will be much easier for your team to catch a flight during the working day when you’re not far from an airport and they won’t have to spend as much time travelling.

Finding a new serviced office in central London

When trying to find a new serviced office in central London that is easily accessible, explore the One Avenue website today. We have several buildings in the heart of the city in areas such as Farringdon, Aldgate and London Bridge, all of which have brilliant transport links to both underground and mainline stations in and out of London. You can rent a workspace from us knowing that your employees’ commutes will be hassle-free and some of our buildings even offer secure bike racks, so your team could cycle to work too.

Here at One Avenue, we have both large and small serviced offices available, and businesses have the opportunity to choose a flexible office space that meets all of their needs. Our private office spaces can also be tailored to the look and feel of your business, and you will be proud to show your workspace off to clients. The businesses working from our buildings are at the heart of everything we do and we deeply believe in providing a five-star service. Our on-site teams are enthusiastic and ready to help whenever required, nothing is too much to ask. Get in touch with us today to start your search for a new serviced office in central London.

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