Can Flexible Working Really Improve Productivity?

There are so many reasons why all businesses should have an office space and renting a professional workspace is arguably one of the best investments a business can make.

There are so many reasons why all businesses should have an office space and renting a professional workspace is arguably one of the best investments a business can make. Traditional 9 am – 5 pm working from an office space has been successful for businesses for decades now, however, the pandemic forced many to try remote working.

Since this time, flexible working has become a buzzword. More businesses are combining office working with remote working and this has been well received by employees. In fact, 85% of adults who worked from home in 2021 wanted to use a ‘hybrid’ approach in the future, enabling them to work from both home and the office. Now flexible working has become the new normal for lots of businesses, both benefits and drawbacks have been highlighted, and these are being weighed up by those considering implementing a more flexible approach.

One benefit of flexible working that lots of businesses are talking about is the effect it has on productivity. Many have seen an increase in productivity when employees split their working hours between home and the office, and productivity is undeniably essential to ongoing success. If you’ve heard that flexible working can improve productivity and you’re wondering whether this is true, below we have looked into some of the different ways this modern way of working can positively impact the productivity of your team.

Popular types of flexible working

There are three main types of flexible working that businesses are starting to explore;

  • Hybrid working – combining working in the office and working remotely
  • Flexible working hours – removing set start and finish times
  • Compressed working week – allowing full-time hours to be worked over fewer days

Each of these flexible working options has its unique advantages and it’s worth looking into all of them before deciding which is best for you and your business. Generally speaking, hybrid working is often the easiest to implement and it will cause the least amount of disruption to operations. If your team worked remotely during the pandemic, introducing hybrid working will be easy and it’s something you can do without much preparation.

Flexible working hours and compressed working weeks are more suitable for businesses in some industries than others. If your employees need to be contactable between certain hours from Monday to Friday, for example, these flexible ways of working might not be feasible. That being said, the impact they have on productivity may outweigh the cost and time associated with amending your business hours, and it’s still worth considering these two options.

How flexible working can improve productivity

Understandably, some employers are sceptical about whether flexible working really does improve productivity and although no two businesses are the same, many notice similar benefits when they implement a more flexible approach. Below we have explored some of the different ways flexible working can help to improve productivity;

More time to relax and recharge

When you introduce flexible working, your employees will have more time at home. Not needing to commute every day will enable them to spend extra time with their family and friends, and this can have a big impact on their wellbeing. Having more time at home can help to prevent burnout too. Your employees will have the time they need to relax and recharge between shifts, which can improve their productivity when they’re working. They won’t feel as exhausted during the week and they can put more of their energy into their job role.

Prevent stressful commutes

Only requiring your employees to come into the office a couple of days a week will significantly reduce the amount of time they spend commuting. If you implement flexible working hours as well as hybrid working, your team will have the opportunity to travel at quieter times of the day as well, making their commutes less stressful. Removing the hassle of a commute from your employee’s working day will help to prevent them from being late or feeling flustered when they finally arrive, so they can get straight to work.

Reduce distractions during the working day

It’s a common misconception that employees are more distracted when they work from home. Your team will probably spend a lot of time talking to one another when they’re in the office and whilst good working relationships are brilliant for culture and morale, this can impact productivity. Flexible working will help to prevent common office distractions and interruptions from impacting your employees’ productivity every day. Introducing flexible working hours will also allow your team to work at a time when they know they are most productive too, enabling them to produce more work during their contracted hours.

Working from a managed office in London

If you’re interested in exploring flexible working solutions and you’re searching for a new office space in London that has flexible terms, our team at One Avenue will be happy to help you. We offer managed offices in London that are a brilliant alternative to fixed office space and with several locations including Farringdon, Fenchurch Street and Bank to choose from, we can provide you with the perfect home for your business. We have helped hundreds of businesses find suitable private office spaces and our behind-the-scenes facilitators can take care of every aspect of your office move.

Here at One Avenue, we put our client’s needs first, from the day we meet to the day we say goodbye, and we guarantee exceptional hospitality for you and your team. Regardless of which flexible working arrangement you implement, we can assure you that the time you spend in the office will be enjoyable and you will have everything you need on-site to operate efficiently. Our managed offices in London are fully equipped and fully serviced too, and they can be tailored to suit the culture of your business. Your team will look forward to working from your new serviced office space and it will be a place in which they can thrive.

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