Are Open-Plan Offices Still Popular?

Innovative organisations like Google and Facebook have made open-plan offices incredibly popular, and a significant number of businesses now work from open spaces.

Innovative organisations like Google and Facebook have made open-plan offices incredibly popular, and a significant number of businesses now work from open spaces. It is fair to say that cubicle layouts are a thing of the past, yet some businesses are still dubious about whether the open-plan concept is right for their team.

Like all other layouts, the open-plan layout does have its flaws and some businesses worry about things such as lack of privacy and increased distractions when removing the dividers from their office space. That being said, this particular layout continues to be one of the most popular amongst businesses of all sizes and open-plan offices provide several benefits to employers and employees alike. Below we have explored some of the main reasons why open-plan workspaces are still a very popular choice.

Encourage collaboration

An open-plan office removes the barriers between your employees and this can have a huge impact on collaboration. It will be much easier for your team to work together on projects when they’re not separated from one another and confined to their own cubicles. You won’t have to hire meeting rooms for group tasks either, which can be beneficial in itself, and your team can collaborate to come up with new ideas whilst working at their desks.

Collaboration is advantageous for several reasons and in addition to helping with problem-solving and allowing employees to learn from one another, it can boost morale throughout your business. Encouraging interaction across departments by implementing an open-plan concept can help you meet business goals and getting your whole team involved can increase innovation, helping you to stay relevant and competitive.

Increase communication

When all of your employees work from the same office space and you don’t separate your team with walls or dividers, you will instantly improve communication. Your employees will be able to speak to each other from their desks and open-plan offices make it much easier for them to ask one another questions. You will likely see a significant reduction in the number of internal emails that are sent on a day-to-day basis.

Having good communication is key in business and it can help to prevent avoidable problems whilst boosting performance. Often, employees will feel more comfortable speaking to managers and other senior team members when you have an open-plan office space too as they will be used to communicating with them. This can help to prevent your team from feeling apprehensive about sharing their concerns, thoughts, opinions and ideas.

Enhance morale

Changing your office layout can have a direct impact on morale and an open-plan workspace can help to improve your team’s attitude. When your employees are isolated in individual spaces, this can harm team spirit and cause them to be unsatisfied. An open-plan layout will instantly create a more welcoming and sociable space, and the atmosphere in the office will generally be more positive.

Good morale is beneficial for many reasons and when your team is enthusiastic, you will notice a big difference in your company culture too. Not to mention, improving morale and ensuring your employees feel happy and fulfilled can have a knock-on effect on loyalty as well. An open-plan office can help to reduce turnover rates and ensure you have the very best team working for you, aiding your success.

Improve working relationships

By encouraging collaboration and increasing communication, an open-plan layout can also improve working relationships. As mentioned above, open-plan offices are sociable spaces and removing the barriers between your employees can have a big impact on how much time they spend speaking to each other. When compared to other layout options that can be quite isolating, an open-plan layout will bring your team together.

The personal and working relationships between your employees will affect their day-to-day performance. When your employees don’t know each other very well, they may find it difficult to ask for help, for example, and this can result in them feeling stressed or anxious whilst at work. Encouraging everyday interactions and conversations in the workplace will help to create an enjoyable working environment.

Boost creativity

Being able to openly discuss tasks and projects, and share ideas with one another in the office can boost creativity. Removing any dividers from your office space will make it much easier for your team to brainstorm and bounce ideas off each other, and they will likely come up with much better ideas and plans that can drive your business forward. Innovation in the workplace really is key to ongoing success.

An open-plan office enables employees from different departments to contribute their thoughts and ideas too, and having a different perspective can be incredibly useful. Problem-solving will also be much easier when you have the input of lots of different teams and open conversations can spark creativity, helping your employees to think outside the box.

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