Why Serviced Offices Are Perfect For Large Companies

Published On 6th September 2021 by Kerri McMahon

It isn’t uncommon for long-standing companies to completely overlook serviced offices when they’re searching for a new private office. It is a huge misconception that this type of workspace is only suitable for smaller companies or start-ups and whilst serviced offices can be incredibly beneficial for SMEs, they are just as beneficial for bigger established companies as well. 

Large serviced offices really can be a great home for big corporate companies and they are undoubtedly a brilliant alternative to purchasing a commercial property. This workspace can offer you things that other traditional rented solutions like office buildings can’t too and it is likely that companies simply aren’t aware of what serviced offices really are. So, to enlighten any corporates who are looking for a new office, below are some of the main reasons why a large serviced office is the perfect solution. 

The office will be spacious enough for your employees

Often, established companies automatically rule out serviced offices because they assume that they won’t have private offices big enough to accommodate their team of employees. However, this isn’t the case and there is a vast range of different sized spaces available, enabling serviced office spaces to suit companies of all sizes. 

The office will be fully customisable to your brand 

Before you move into a large serviced office, you have the opportunity to customise the space to suit the culture of your business. Often, this is at no extra cost to you either and the total fit-out costs including office furniture and interior design will be inclusive of the fee that you pay for the office. So, the space will feel like your own as soon as you move into it. 

The office will be in a desirable location

Location is undeniably important for big corporate companies when they’re choosing offices to rent, yet serviced offices tend to be better located than other workspace solutions. If you’d like to be in the heart of a city centre, you can guarantee that there will be an easily accessible serviced office in close proximity to various transport links. 

The office will be in a beautiful building 

You also won’t have to be concerned about a serviced office negatively affecting your company’s reputation. Not only will you be situated in the perfect location, ensuring you have a desirable corporate address, but the building you’re in will give off the best first impression too. Meeting clients on-site will be something you can do without hesitation.

The office will be equipped with everything you need 

Employee productivity and efficiency isn’t something you need to worry about in a large serviced office either. The space will be fully equipped with everything from ergonomic workstations to high-speed internet, enabling your business to operate as normal from the day you move in. You will even benefit from extras such as daily office cleaning and reception services as well. 

The office will be down the corridor from other facilities 

In addition to having a private office space, you will have access to every other facility that the building offers too. From kitchens and break out areas to meeting rooms and phone booths, you will have everything that you need on-site. Whatsmore, all of these areas will be professionally decorated and fully furnished too, so they’re ready to use when required.  

The office will be cost-effective and easy to budget for 

When you rent a large serviced office space, you will have a monthly license fee to pay, but this will be all-inclusive of both your property costs and operational costs. Instead of having to budget for potential additional expenses every month, you will always know how much you’re paying for your workspace and this fee will be less than paying for all costs individually. 

Working from a large serviced office in London

All in all, even though serviced office spaces are commonly associated with start-up businesses, there is no denying that they can be the perfect workspace solution for established companies. This type of private office space has a unique set of advantages that can’t be ignored and it is undeniably a brilliant option for businesses of all shapes and sizes across various industries. So, you definitely shouldn’t rule out working from a large serviced office in London. 

If you have any questions at all regarding serviced offices, please contact our team here at One Avenue. We will gladly take the time to discuss this workspace with you in more detail, providing you with any additional information that you may require. Should you wish to go ahead and rent a large serviced office in London, we have a number of desirable locations throughout the city to choose from too and we will gladly help you find the perfect new home for your large company. There really is no one better to turn to for high-quality workspaces in London. 

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