Why In-Person Meetings Are Still Important

In 2021, the number of daily active users on Microsoft Teams almost doubled from the previous year and 145 million people were using this messaging and video conferencing software.

In 2021, the number of daily active users on Microsoft Teams almost doubled from the previous year and 145 million people were using this messaging and video conferencing software. Microsoft Teams isn’t the only software businesses were using either, many were keeping in touch with each other via Zoom and Google Meet, and this rise in technology has resulted in a decrease in face-to-face meetings.

There is no denying that online meetings can be incredibly convenient and sometimes, they are the best option available. However, this isn’t always the case and there are still several benefits to hosting in-person meetings in today’s digital age. Renting a fully serviced office that provides you with access to meeting rooms is really advantageous and you can avoid all of the technical difficulties that come with hosting meetings virtually. Below we have explored some of the main reasons why in-person meetings continue to be important in all industries.

Enhance working relationships

Whether you’re hosting employee or client meetings, booking a meeting room and arranging to meet in person can help you to build lasting business relationships. It is much easier to connect with people when you meet them face-to-face and having a deep connection with both your colleagues and your clients is key to long-term business success.

Organising in-person meetings provides you with the opportunity to show your clients how much you value their time and their business too, and you can start new relationships off on the right foot. Having a positive foundation that you can build upon will be incredibly valuable and it will help to prevent high cancellation rates. Meeting clients in person regularly is also a great way to nurture your relationships and you may even be able to upsell. Selling new products and services tends to be much easier face-to-face, and you can address any concerns your clients may have, making it less difficult to get a deal across the line.

Improve credibility and trustworthiness

When they’re trying to find a long-term business partner, prospective clients will almost always want to meet companies in person. Inviting clients to your office and sitting down with them in a well-designed meeting room won’t just help you to ensure you’re giving off the best first impression, but it will also increase your credibility and dependability.

Regardless of which sector you operate in, good working relationships are built on trust and face-to-face meetings can help you to establish trust. You will be able to prove to prospective clients that your company is exactly what you say it is and you can show them where your team works and how you operate on a day-to-day basis. This transparency is something all clients appreciate and being honest from the get-go will help to avoid problems in the future. If you’re trying to win over new clients, in-person meetings can help you to do so and clients are usually more likely to do business with companies they’ve met and feel comfortable with.

Prevent distractions

Simply meeting with people face-to-face can help to increase the likelihood of meeting objectives being met. It isn’t uncommon for people to multitask during virtual meetings, especially if they don’t have their camera on, and they will be doing other things rather than paying attention to the meeting that’s taking place. Being in a meeting room can help to ensure all attendees are fully engaged in the discussion and focused on the meeting goals. In-person meetings tend to have fewer outside distractions too, making them much more productive in general when compared to virtual meetings.

Boost creativity and innovation

When you bring people together in a meeting room, you will see an increase in participation and this is particularly useful when you’re brainstorming new ideas. Meeting attendees will naturally bounce ideas off each other during in-person meetings and this can help to improve creativity and innovation. It is easier to encourage attendees to contribute their ideas when you host face-to-face meetings too and you can ensure that no thoughts, opinions and ideas are being overlooked. It’s worth noting that it’s also much easier for attendees to explain their ideas when you’re together in a meeting room and they will be able to visually illustrate things if required to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Reduce misinterpretation issues

Technical issues are incredibly common when you use video conferencing software and microphone and connection problems can prevent points from being clearly communicated. Ensuring that any points being discussed are fully understood and all communication is clear and concise is crucial, especially if you’re addressing sensitive issues during the meeting, and meeting face-to-face can help to prevent misinterpretation. It is easier to address any concerns attendees have about what’s being discussed during in-person meetings too and they will have the opportunity to ask questions to get clarification.

Renting fully serviced offices in London with meeting rooms

It’s fair to say that in-person meetings are still important and there are several advantages to meeting face-to-face with both employees and clients. If you’re interested in renting a fully serviced office in London that provides you with access to useful facilities such as meeting rooms, don’t hesitate to contact us at One Avenue. We provide fully-equipped serviced office spaces throughout London in areas such as Southwark, Farringdon and Aldgate where we can help you find the perfect home for your business.

At One Avenue, our range of workspaces can be tailored to the look and feel of your business, and when you rent a serviced office with us, you will have everything you need on-site to operate efficiently. All of our office buildings guarantee unforgettable first impressions for anyone who walks in and you will be proud to invite people to meetings at any of our London locations. To find out more about our fully serviced offices and the other facilities on-site at our business centres, feel free to explore our website today.

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