What Are Employees Looking For In A Modern Workspace?

When choosing a new office, it’s beneficial for businesses to take into consideration their employees’ wants and needs.

When choosing a new office, it’s beneficial for businesses to take into consideration their employees’ wants and needs. However, what employers think their team wants is often different to what they actually want, and this can result in business owners prioritising the wrong things. Of course, different employees will have different requests too and several factors, including age, will impact what employees consider to be important. Yet, there are a few things that most employees are looking for in their workspace these days.

Many employers don’t realise just how much of an impact their office space has on their ability to attract and retain employees, and it’s incredibly important to ensure you’re providing your team with what they want in the workplace. Should you be searching for a new serviced office and you’re wondering what employees tend to be looking for nowadays, below we have listed some of the most common requirements employees have for modern workspaces.

Spacious workstations

Some business owners will consider renting a smaller space when trying to save money on an office. However, ensuring your team has plenty of space is key to them being able to perform at their best during the working day. Employees like to have their own workstation and they don’t want to be working on top of their colleagues. Having their own space will have a positive impact on productivity and it can help to prevent frequent disturbances, even in open-plan offices. So, spacious workstations are considered to be really important.

Natural light

There are so many health benefits associated with natural light. Not only does it ward off seasonal depression and boost vitamin D, but it can also reduce the health risks of fluorescent lighting. Most employees are keen to work from a serviced office with large windows and when a workspace is flooded with natural light it can have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. Having a view of the outdoors is something that lots of employees enjoy too and the biophilic concept is very on-trend at the moment. Being connected to nature can help to promote feelings of calmness and boost the general mood of your team.

Comfortable temperature

In addition to the lighting in an office space, the temperature is important too. Employees want their workplace to be kept at a comfortable temperature all year round and being too hot or too cold during the working day can lead to a decrease in job satisfaction. Having a suitable HVAC system in your modern office that doesn’t just heat and cool the air, but also purifies the air will help to keep your team happy whilst they’re working. Removing dust, bacteria and mould from the air circulating in your office is undoubtedly beneficial.

Breakout spaces

It’s becoming more common for employees to look for additional facilities in their workspaces and breakout rooms are particularly popular. Having access to a dedicated breakout space can prevent employees from spending the whole day at their desks and it will encourage them to take real breaks. Employees are focusing more on their mental wellbeing nowadays and being able to use a breakout area can help them to take better care of themselves whilst they’re working. The rate of self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety is increasing and in 2020/21 this rate was higher than pre-pandemic levels. So, helping your team to prioritise their mental wellbeing is very important.

Separate working zones

Open-plan offices are popular at the moment and lots of employees enjoy working from an open and spacious office. However, they also want to have access to other working zones. For example, being able to use a phone booth when they have a call with a client or being able to book a meeting room to collaborate during team projects is advantageous. When employees have access to other more suitable working zones, they will be less likely to disturb each other and they can ensure they’re performing at their best.

Additional facilities

When renting a serviced office, it can be beneficial to find a business centre that offers a range of excellent facilities that aren’t directly related to working too. From on-site gyms to cafes and bars, these additional facilities can make a workspace much more desirable and they will have a huge impact on employee morale. These extra facilities can also help to make your workspace stand out from the crowd and they may even sway prospective employees when they’re choosing between different job roles.

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