Hosting Meetings In A Serviced Office Building

Over the years, employees have started spending more and more time in meetings, and meetings are often considered to be the moving force behind business success.

Over the years, employees have started spending more and more time in meetings, and meetings are often considered to be the moving force behind business success. Employees who are in middle management are likely to spend around 35% of their time in meetings and in upper management, it can sometimes be 50%. So, to prevent invaluable time from being wasted, it’s key to ensure that all of the meetings you host are productive.

Several different factors will influence the productivity of your meetings and arguably, one of the most important is location. Where you choose to host your meetings will have a direct impact on whether you’re able to achieve the desired outcomes. Thankfully, when you work from a serviced office building, you will have access to several facilities, making it easier to use suitable locations for your meetings. There’s a room for every need and you can easily ensure the space you use is helping you reach your meeting goals. Below we have listed some of the most frequently used spaces within serviced office buildings for business meetings.

Meeting rooms

More often than not, for professional meetings, businesses will book meeting rooms. This type of space is specifically designed for meetings and it will usually be furnished with a large table and chairs. It isn’t uncommon for there to be several different sized meeting rooms available to book in a serviced office building.

Meeting rooms tend to be a popular choice for both employee and client meetings where sensitive or confidential information is being discussed. You won’t have to worry about other employees or passers-by being able to overhear your conversations and you can cover everything you need to, ensuring the meeting is a success.

The majority of businesses will use meeting rooms when they’re interviewing candidates as well. This professional space will help to ensure your business gives off the best first impression and you can increase your credibility and trustworthiness. When you’re trying to attract top talent, using a meeting room can help you to win candidates over too, especially if the room is well designed and you have refreshments available.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms aren’t too dissimilar from meeting rooms, but they are much bigger. Commonly, conference rooms will have plenty of seating for attendees and also technical equipment, enabling you to use laptops and projectors during the meeting to share presentations, for example.

Generally speaking, conference rooms will be used for more formal meetings and they are usually meetings that bring together people from outside of an organisation. However, if you were to require a large space to host something like an employee training course, a conference room can still be a suitable space for you to use.

Lots of businesses will use conference rooms when they are meeting with people both virtually and in person. This type of space tends to be well laid out so all in-person attendees will be able to see attendees that are joining the meeting via video calling software, and vice versa. If you’re unable to get everyone together in one room, using a conference room can help you to make sure you’re still achieving any meeting objectives.

Breakout spaces

Whilst breakout spaces are predominantly designed for employees to use during their breaks, they can be ideal for some meetings. These spaces often have informal seating areas with sofas as well as tables and chairs, and they’re specifically designed to be relaxing.

It is really common for businesses to use breakout areas for short one-to-one catch-ups with employees. These informal spaces can help to put employees at ease and they’re perfect for any conversation that isn’t private or confidential.

Similarly, groups of employees will often use breakout spaces for meetings when they’re brainstorming ideas or trying to find solutions to problems. The interior design and atmosphere of this type of space can boost creativity, and employees don’t feel as under pressure when they’re in a more relaxed environment, helping them to perform at their best.


Although face-to-face meetings are usually the preferred choice for businesses now it is safe to meet in person again, they aren’t always convenient. Lots of employees will still have to attend virtual meetings and when they do, they will use phonebooths.

More often than not, phonebooths are small rooms that are designed to be used by one person at a time. There will normally be a desk and chair in the room, making it perfect for a virtual meeting, and it will be a comfortable space to participate in video or phone calls.

Using a phonebooth can help to prevent distractions during important meetings and you also won’t have to worry about general office noise causing disruptions. Again, if you’re having a confidential meeting, a phonebooth is a brilliant space to use and it will provide you with the privacy you need to discuss matters without people overhearing your conversations.

Private office spaces

These days, some businesses will design their private office space in a way that enables them to easily host meetings. Open-plan offices are ideal for group meetings, especially when they involve multiple different departments, and if you need to make an announcement to all employees, it is easy to do so when you don’t have dividers in your office space.

Zoning is very popular in modern offices too and some businesses will create collaborative zones which are quite similar to breakout areas. This type of zone can be really useful when employees frequently work together on group projects and it will provide them with a suitable space to use whenever they want to bounce ideas off each other.

Sometimes, depending on the industry you work in, you can even host client meetings in your office space. This can be a great way to show your clients what your office is like and introduce them to different team members. If your office is well-designed and kept tidy, meeting here shouldn’t deter clients from wanting to do business with you.

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