Creating a Sustainable Office

We’re in the grip of a global climate crisis and encouragingly, we’re one of an increasing number of businesses that are shifting to greener workspaces where we have already adopted a number of measures in our London offices in Tower Hill, Farringdon, Mayfair and other locations that reduce their impact on the environment and have a positive effect on those who work in them.

Creating a sustainable office means more than recycling cardboard and shifting from paper to digital. It’s a holistic approach that moves your business towards carbon net zero. How do you make your office more sustainable? Below are some tips on how to achieve a more planet-friendly office:


1. Green energy

It’s easy to do your bit for the planet by switching to 100% renewable energy, which is any type of energy that is available in the natural world such as solar or wind energy. If the world used nothing but renewable energy, climate change could be reversed, and the air quality would improve drastically.

2. Use LED bulbs

If your office has any fluorescent lights, you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint by swapping them for LED bulbs. They last a lot longer than their fluorescent cousins and you’ll benefit from reduced energy bills because they are 80% more efficient. Traditional bulbs, which were invented a century ago are really inefficient as only 5% of the energy they use is converted into light. Compare that to an LED bulb which converts 95% of the energy used into light. It’s a no-brainer.

3. Fill the space with plants

Studies show that being around greenery boosts mood. It also improves air quality as plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere as a byproduct of their growth process. When you choose plants for the office, make sure they’re hardy and won’t require a high level of maintenance. They are likely to be unattended at weekends and they need to be suitable for an office environment.

4. Cut down on paper

If you can share documents digitally then do so, rather than print them out. Paper makes up 26% of waste that goes into landfill sites, so if you must use it, make sure it’s recycled appropriately.

5. Switch to green cleaning products

Many of the cleaning products that are traditionally used in homes and offices contain toxic chemicals that are bad for our health as well as the environment. There have been huge advances in green cleaning and now there is no need to use any products that aren’t eco-friendly. You can even hire cleaning companies who will only use green products.

6. Insulate your office

An insulated office building will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer months, it will also reduce your energy bills and make it easier to maintain a comfortable working temperature all year round.

7. Evaluate disposable cup use, cutlery, etc

It is much better to have reusable crockery, cups, and utensils in the office. Plastic versions take years to degrade and harm the environment. While cardboard cups are better than polystyrene, china is best as it can be used again and again.

8. Install a composting station

Edible waste such as used tea bags, coffee grouts, and apple cores, etc all rot down to make fantastic compost. If you have a programme where you collect any compostable waste at a designated station, you’re cutting down on landfill waste and creating something that can be used to grow fruit and vegetables.

9. Encourage green commuting

Where you can, encourage staff to commute on public transport, by foot or bicycle. It’s great if you provide parking spaces but commuting to work by car contributes to congestion and poor air quality. By installing bicycle racks or starting a walk-to-work scheme, you’re encouraging staff to make their working day greener.

10. Recycle office waste

If you aren’t already recycling all your office waste, there is no better time to start.



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