10 ways to incorporate brand identity into your office design

Branding has never been more important for businesses and it goes a lot further than your marketing campaign, website and PR strategy. The office that you occupy also needs to embody your brand identity. The moment a guest walks into the space, they should recognise that everything about it aligns with your brand.

It’s no surprise that young, tech companies have offices tailored towards millennials, with an element of fun, quirkiness and an attention to well-being. Likewise, you wouldn’t walk into a Mayfair estate agency and expect to see staff lounging on bean bags and playing table football.

On-point office branding will boost staff morale, make a lasting impression on clients and guests as well as improving productivity and making it easier to hire quality employees.

Here are 10 ways to incorporate brand identity into your office design: 

  1. Make your logo the lynch pin of your office space branding. Think about where to place signage, making sure you cover key areas such as reception. Think about the core colours and use them in your overall colour scheme. You can either be bold or use them as accents.
  2. Ensure your brand messaging is visible. Make sure you’ve defined what your core brand values are and reflect that with posters, graphics and art.
  3. Work to make sure your brand personality is clear within your office design, for example, are you a playful, professional, quirky or young brand?
  4. Your branding should use consistent typography. Use the same fonts in your office space that you use on marketing materials, on your website and across social media.
  5. Choose furniture and decor that embodies your brand personality and complements your colour scheme and brand design elements.
  6. Utilise lighting and space design to create an ambience in line with your core brand values.
  7. Put staff wellbeing at the forefront of your brand mission. Make sure that office furniture is ergonomic and provide space where workers can relax, have quiet space or prepare food and drink. You could also incorporate a gym and treatment rooms as we do in our Farringdon, Mayfair and Tower Hill offices. 
  8. Hide cables and wires to keep your office looking streamlined and efficient.
  9. Pay special attention to the reception area as this is the space where you really must communicate your brand values. Try and do it in a stand out, imaginative way that really embodies who you are as a brand.
  10. When it comes to corporate office branding, the same rules apply. Being a corporate doesn’t mean you need to be dull or conform. There is always room to allow your brand identity to shine through. 

Once you’ve aligned your work space with your brand, remember that when it comes to office design and branding, the work never stops. It is an ongoing process that will shift alongside the growth of your business and its identity.

Choose concierge office space with One Avenue and we can take care of the office branding for you as all our workspace can be styled to suit your individual needs. Contact us for more information.

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