7 Ways To Make Your Serviced Office Your Own

Flexible workspaces are incredibly popular and lots of businesses are drawn to them because of their convenience.

Flexible workspaces are incredibly popular and lots of businesses are drawn to them because of their convenience. When you rent a serviced office, the space will be fully equipped and fully furnished, preventing the cost and hassle associated with setting up a new workspace, and you can usually move straight into a serviced office. Here at One Avenue, we will work closely with you to ensure the customisation of your serviced office to suit the culture of your business too, so the space will feel like your own.

Putting your mark on the office you rent is beneficial for several reasons and all businesses should tailor their workspace to ensure it’s in line with their brand. It can be easy to focus on functionality and practicality when you’re designing your serviced office, and whilst this is important, it shouldn’t be all you consider. To help any business owners who are trying to make a serviced office their own, below we have put together a list of seven easy ways to upgrade the interior design of your workspace.

Use your brand colours

It isn’t uncommon for serviced offices to be painted white and this is often because it makes them more suitable for a range of businesses. However, white can be quite clinical looking and if you want to put your own stamp on your office, you should incorporate some colour into your interior design. Using your brand colours throughout your office space can make it a more inspiring place to work and it can help to boost creativity and morale, among other things.

Add some natural elements

Biophilic office design is very trendy at the moment and it’s beneficial to incorporate natural elements into your office design. Biophilic design can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health, and it can reduce absence and absenteeism. Adding some plants and flowers to your office design, for example, is a great way to show your team that you care about their wellbeing and it can make your serviced office look and feel more welcoming too.

Spruce up your storage

Storage is essential in any workspace and it’s key to keeping your office environment clutter-free. However, storage solutions can look bland and they will bring down the rest of your interior design. Try to be more creative with your storage solutions and choose visually appealing options. Shelving units, for example, come in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours these days, and they can sometimes even double up as wall art.

Incorporate inspirational messages

Lots of serviced offices will have huge walls that are left plain and this can make the workspace seem lifeless. An easy way to elevate your interior design and also inspire your team is to use wall decals. Putting inspirational quotes on your walls can motivate your employees to perform at their best during the working day, not to mention it can boost their creativity. You could also use wall decals to remind employees of your core values, so you can ensure your team is always working towards your business goals.

Hang a whiteboard, chalkboard or corkboard

If you provide regular business updates to your employees, instead of doing this via email, you should consider having a whiteboard, chalkboard or corkboard in your serviced office. This can be a great way to communicate with your team and it will help you to ensure that everyone is kept up to date and informed of any changes, big or small. You can use these boards in lots of different ways to make your business updates more interactive as well.

Don’t overlook office supplies

There’s a range of items that you expect to see in an office space, from pen pots and letter trays to notepads and mouse mats, and they shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re trying to make your serviced office your own. Purchasing office supplies in your brand colours or customising them with your logo is a great way to ensure your brand is being promoted throughout your workspace. They can add a splash of colour to your office as well.

Allow your employees to personalise their workstations

No matter which layout you choose for your serviced office, if your employees have their own dedicated desks, you should encourage them to add their personal touch to the space. Making their workstation feel more like home will help to ensure they’re comfortable throughout the working day and it can have a positive impact on productivity. Your employees’ workstations should be somewhere they enjoy spending time too.

Searching for London serviced offices?

If you’re interested in renting a flexible workspace in the capital and you’re searching for a private office that you can tailor to ensure it’s in line with your brand and culture, get in touch with our team at One Avenue today. We have serviced offices in many desirable locations including Mayfair, Farringdon and other areas throughout London and we will happily help you find the perfect home for your business, regardless of what your needs may be.

As mentioned above, all of our London serviced offices can be customised to make the space feel like your own and our expert team of designers will work with you to transform a standard office into somewhere that inspires your team. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality workspaces that are a breath of fresh air and our London offices guarantee unforgettable first impressions for anyone who walks in.

Not only are our serviced offices beautifully designed, but our service levels are exceptional and we’re known for our hospitality at One Avenue. Of course, our workspaces are available on flexible terms too and when you turn to us for a London serviced office, you will have access to a highly professional space without any long-term commitment. Contact us today to book a viewing at one of our office locations.

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