Our Ethos

Following the Second World War, during a time where Japan was known for manufacturing cheap, low-quality products, Akio Morita, the co-founder of Sony, didn’t want to make Sony known for quality, he wanted to make Japan known for quality.

He chose to enact a mission for Sony that was bigger than just Sony; a company which began as a humble electronics shop in a Tokyo department store. He wanted to break barriers and change global perceptions, allowing Japan to become a symbol for quality, luxury and good fortune.

When we talk about One Avenue, we have a similar idea in mind – we want people to look at One Avenue and see us as the standard bearer in the serviced office industry, for having an obsessive focus on the customer, not the bottom line.


How do you measure intangible value? To truly appreciate the difference in a product or service, you have to experience it for yourself.

At One Avenue we ensure you want for nothing and will have the time to focus on your business, irritation free and with a dedicated team at your beck and call.


Many companies claim to empower their staff, here at One Avenue, we truly do.

Our staff have true power to make their own decisions, to work smarter and deliver the best results for you, the client. That’s true empowerment. Can you say the same about elsewhere?

Your space is your space

Research shows that the use of brand identity and your company’s visual language enhances loyalty, improves team morale and boosts productivity, as well as staff wellbeing.

We want your team to feel their best in an environment which truly reflects your company culture.

Why take risks?

Companies like IBM and HSBC as well as a number of other banks and hedge funds choose our state of the art, banking-grade IT solutions as the backbone for their infrastructure because we guarantee 99.999% reliability.

One Avenue is the only intelligent choice.

Whatever Your Needs, We Have A Solution

We have already helped hundreds of businesses find their perfect home. Let us help you find yours.