Supporting Different Working Styles In Your Office Space

Published On 23rd May 2022 by Kerri McMahon

When you own a business, not all of your employees will work in the same way. There are multiple working styles and your team will have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the way they work. Simply put, a working style is how someone plans and executes their daily tasks, and how they communicate professionally in a work environment. It is really beneficial for your employees to be aware of their own working styles and the working styles of their colleagues, and this is one of the best ways to get the most out of your team as a whole. 


As an employer, you should take your employees’ working styles into consideration when you’re making decisions about your office space, such as your layout and seating arrangements. This will help you to ensure that every member of your team is able to perform at their best during the working day. Below we have looked into some different working styles and how you can support them in your office space by creating a work environment that is suitable for everyone. 




Employees with a logical working style will have a linear way of thinking. They won’t be afraid to tackle challenges head-on and they will be very hardworking and determined to see a task through from start to finish. Logical workers are often driven by results and they will be focused on ensuring they achieve all of their goals, regardless of how ambitious they are. It isn’t uncommon for employees with this working style to struggle to communicate though and they won’t be as good as other team members at effectively communicating with their colleagues. 




Detail-oriented employees will work in a very strategic way and they will have impressive attention to detail. They will have a very organised approach to tasks and will follow a logical order, excelling in the planning phases of projects. Employees with detail-oriented working styles will be cautious too and they will be keen to minimise risks whilst they’re working, providing stability. Sometimes, striving for accuracy can cause problems in the workplace and detail-oriented employees can micromanage their colleagues which isn’t always well received. 




Employees with idea-oriented working styles are big-picture thinkers and they are pioneers in the workplace. They excel at finding solutions to problems and turning obstacles into opportunities, and they are willing to take risks to explore new possibilities. Idea-oriented employees will be very creative and great at inspiring others to get on board with their new vision. Whilst they are very optimistic and have lots of innovative ideas, idea-oriented employees can struggle with the finer details and need support with planning projects. 




Supportive employees will be very sociable and they are emotionally intelligent. They are brilliant at building working relationships and are great communicators. Employees with a supportive working style thrive when they’re in collaborative situations and they can bring different teams together to achieve a common goal. They always take into consideration the thoughts, feelings and opinions of their colleagues, and they will be skilled at resolving conflict. In order to really thrive, supportive employees need to be surrounded by colleagues with different working styles. 


Ensuring your office space is suitable for all working styles


As mentioned above, every organisation is made up of employees with different working styles and this can make designing a workspace more challenging. It is really important to ensure that your office is suitable for every member of your team and you’re supporting the different working styles with your customised design. After all, the most successful companies leverage diversity and a multi-talented team can help you to achieve your long-term goals. 


Before you start working on the design of your new office space, it is beneficial to learn more about the way your team works. Understanding the different working styles you need to accommodate will put you in a much better position to ensure you’re incorporating the right zones and elements into your design. There are lots of online quizzes and tests your team can take to learn more about their working style, such as; the Psychology Today work style test. You can even create unique personality tests and working style profiles for your team with the help of companies like WorkStyle, and this can provide you with a useful insight into your team dynamics and the different ways your employees think and operate. 


Once you know more about the different working styles within your organisation, you can take these into consideration when creating your office design. For example, if you have lots of idea-oriented and supportive employees, it could be beneficial to have an open-plan space with a collaboration zone. The design of your office space will have a direct impact on things such as employee productivity and performance, so it’s important to take the time to get this right. 


At One Avenue, we have an expert design team which can help you to create an office that enhances the day-to-day workplace experience for your team. We will get under the skin of your organisation and its culture, enabling us to provide tailored advice on various elements of the design, from the layout to team deployment across the space. Our knowledge and experience in office design puts us in the best position to help you create a workspace that supports a range of different working styles, enabling every member of your team to perform at their best. 


Renting a new office space in Farringdon


Should you be interested in moving into a new office space in Farringdon that will enable you to better support the working styles of your team, get in touch with us at One Avenue. We have a number of office buildings in desirable London locations to choose from and all of our private workspaces can be customised to suit your business. Our fully equipped, fully furnished and fully maintained private offices are suitable for organisations of all shapes and sizes, and our dedicated team will help you find the perfect space for your employees. 


We are known for providing outstanding hospitality to our clients and any visitors they may have, and you won’t be disappointed with the service you receive when you rent a serviced office in Farringdon with us. We are passionate about providing an unforgettable workplace experience and we want to be at the forefront of helping businesses thrive. To find out more about our flexible workspaces, feel free to explore the rest of our website today.