Common Signs Your Business Needs An Office Space 

Published On 20th May 2022 by Kerri McMahon

A 2018 report found that globally, only 16% of companies are fully remote. These businesses don’t have a headquarters or an office and their employees work from wherever they choose, whether this is a home office or a coffee shop. Whilst working remotely can be beneficial from a financial perspective, there is a reason why more companies aren’t fully remote and the costs associated with renting an office space are almost always justifiable. 


If you currently run a remote company, whether you’re a start-up business or you have been operating for many years now, and you generate enough revenue to be able to afford an office space, it is worth considering making some changes to how your company operates. There are a few common signs that your business would really benefit from having a professional workspace and below we have looked into these in more detail. 


You’re hiring more employees


Working remotely can work really well when you are a freelancer and you don’t have any employees working for you, however, it can cause several problems when you start expanding your team. If you own a successful business, in order to keep up with demand, you will likely need to hire new employees. Having a big enough team to ensure operations can continue to run smoothly is crucial to your ongoing success and the more your team grows, the more important it is to have an office space. 


Renting an office will enable you to keep a closer eye on operations as you grow and you can easily prevent avoidable problems that would’ve been overlooked if you were still working remotely. Not to mention, you can ensure you’re utilising all of your employees’ strengths to your advantage and you will get to know your team more when you have an office space. 


You’re experiencing communication problems


It is really common for companies that are fully remote to experience communication problems and not seeing your employees face-to-face on a regular basis can easily cause breakdowns in communication. Having an office space will make it much easier for you to keep in touch with your team and you can ensure that everyone is on the same page. It is likely that your employees will be more comfortable voicing their concerns and reaching out to you if they’re experiencing any problems when you work in the same space too. 


Of course, having a private office space can help you to improve communication with your clients as well. You will be able to invite them to visit you at your office and seeing clients in person more frequently can strengthen your business relationships. 


Your team aren’t being as productive as you hoped 


Some employees will be really productive when they’re working remotely, however, others can get distracted by their surroundings. Whether they’re working from home or a coffee shop, there will be several day-to-day interruptions when employees work remotely and this can result in them underperforming. If you have noticed a dip in productivity recently and the amount of work being done by your team on a daily basis isn’t at the standard you’d hoped, it would be really beneficial to rent an office space. 


Whilst there are still some distractions in an office, lots of employees will be more productive when they’re in a professional workspace. A well-designed office can be really inspiring too and not only will the quantity of your team’s work improve, but the quality will as well. As mentioned above, it will be easier for you to keep an eye on your team when they work in a traditional office too, so you can address any productivity issues as and when they arise.


You’ve noticed a dip in morale 


When your business is fully remote, it is much harder to create a positive company culture and you may struggle to keep team spirit alive. The attitude and outlook your employees have and how satisfied they are with their job role will affect things such as their engagement and motivation. So, it is key to ensure your team has good morale and having an office space can help you do so. All working from the same space will instantly improve working relationships and camaraderie amongst your team. 


Having an office also makes it easier for you to implement new ideas and strategies that can boost morale, and you can ensure your team has an upbeat, positive attitude. Creating a good atmosphere in the workplace can even help to prevent high employee turnover rates. 


You’re frequently renting meeting rooms


There are several different occasions when fully remote businesses require professional workspaces and you may need to rent meeting rooms or conference spaces on a regular basis. Whether you’re hosting employee meetings or catching up with clients and investors, having access to a suitable workspace will help to ensure the meeting is successful, yet the cost of renting these professional spaces can quickly add up. If you’re spending a lot of money on meeting rooms, it is worthwhile getting your own office. 


Renting a serviced office space will provide you with access to a range of useful facilities that you can use throughout the working day. This type of flexible workspace is a really cost-effective solution and the right serviced office can help you to improve things such as your business reputation, credibility and trustworthiness as well. 


Renting office space in Marylebone


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