The Importance Of Finding The Right Sized Office For Your Start-Up

Published On 16th May 2022 by Kerri McMahon

As a start-up business owner, there will likely come a time when working remotely is no longer suitable for you and you require a professional workspace. Having your own private office is incredibly beneficial when you’re a growing business and you’re hiring new employees, and there are several reasons why you should work the cost of an office into your monthly budget. 


When renting an office space, it is often recommended that businesses take into consideration their future needs as well as their existing needs. Whilst there is no denying that bearing in mind future expansions is important, you also need to ensure that you’re choosing the right sized space for your current requirements. Renting a space that is far too big for you at this early stage can cause all sorts of problems and below we have explored some of the main reasons why you should think carefully about the size of the first office space you choose to rent. 


Consider your budget


It goes without saying that office space is expensive and usually, a professional workspace will be charged per desk or per square foot. So, the bigger your office, the more it will cost you on a monthly basis. As a start-up business, it is unlikely that you have a big budget for your workspace and you won’t have money to waste on floor space you don’t actually require. 


If you’re concerned about the small office you rent not being suitable for your growing business, it is worthwhile looking into flexible offices with short-term lease agreements. Avoiding long-term commitment can help to prevent worries in regards to outgrowing your workspace and it will also ensure you’re not spending too much on a large office that you don’t yet need. Small serviced offices can be a perfect solution for start-ups with impressive growth potential.  


Negatively affect employee morale


Having an office space can help you to improve your culture and ensure that every member of your team is on the same page. Similarly, all working from the same space gives you the opportunity to boost morale and ensure your employees are satisfied with working for your start-up. Generally speaking, it is much easier to keep a careful eye on your team when you have an office space and you’re seeing everyone on a daily basis too.


When your office is too big and your workstations are spread out across the space, your team will likely feel quite disjointed and they may struggle to develop working relationships. It is important to ensure your employees have plenty of space to carry out their tasks to the best of their ability, but they shouldn’t feel separated from their co-workers. Having a smaller office space can help you to keep your team’s spirits up during the working day. 


Make it harder to streamline operations


Lots of businesses are keen to have an office space because professional work environments are frequently associated with increased productivity, motivation and innovation. Working in an office can make simple day-to-day tasks much easier as well and things such as communication will be significantly improved when compared to remote working. 


If your office space is too big, it can affect the efficiency of your operations and simple things like having important documents in filing cabinets on the other side of the office can slow your team down. Renting a smaller serviced office and carefully considering the layout of the space will make it more straightforward for your team to complete tasks quickly and easily, and you can ensure that your operations are as efficient as possible.


Renting a small serviced office in London


Should you be looking for a small serviced office in London for your start-up, this is something we can help you with at One Avenue. We provide fully serviced and flexible office space throughout the city, and our serviced offices are a brilliant alternative to fixed office space. Our experienced team will take the time to understand the full scope of the culture of your business, enabling them to advise you on your best possible office solution and we will help you to ensure you don’t rent a space that is far too big. If you have any questions about renting a small serviced office in London with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.