Factors To Consider When Comparing Serviced Offices

Published On 9th May 2022 by Kerri McMahon

The serviced office market is booming and there is a huge range of workspaces available to consider when you’re trying to find a new home for your company, especially if you’d like to be situated in a city like London. Serviced offices are a popular choice for several reasons, from their increased flexibility and all-inclusive costs to desirable locations and additional facilities, however, not all serviced offices are the same. There are lots of things to consider when you’re comparing workspaces and in order to ensure you’re choosing the best solution for your company’s individual needs, below we have explored some of the most important factors to think about when renting a serviced office. 


Location and transport links


Where your serviced office is located will have a huge impact on several different aspects of your business. Firstly, your business address will be one of the first things that prospective clients judge you on and where you’re located can affect your reputation as well as your credibility and trustworthiness. Finding a serviced office in a desirable location with an impressive postcode can help to prevent you from losing clients to your competitors and this is one of the many reasons why London is one of the most desirable places to work


Your new serviced office needs to be easily accessible too and this can have a direct impact on employee satisfaction. The length and ease of your employees’ daily commutes will influence how happy they are working for your company and having an office that is in close proximity to transport links is really advantageous. You may also want to consider what the local area has to offer your employees when you’re comparing locations as well. 




Ensuring your office space is the right size for your company is crucial to everything from the ease of operations to the well-being of your employees. Consider how many workstations you will require in your serviced office as well as other zones you would like to create in the space. Don’t forget that lots of serviced offices have flexible terms and when you rent a flexible office space, you will be able to upsize or downsize in the future if required. So, focus on ensuring that the serviced office you rent is suitable for your company at this moment in time. 




The interior design of your office space can help to improve motivation, productivity and creativity, and your employees are more likely to perform at their best when they’re in a well-designed space. Yet, not all serviced offices are customisable and you may find that you’re unable to tailor the look and feel of the space to suit your culture. Finding a serviced office provider that allows you to adapt the design of the office to meet your needs is incredibly advantageous and even though serviced offices are fully equipped and fully furnished, you should still be able to customise the space to enhance day-to-day workplace experience.




When comparing the cost of serviced offices, it can be easy to only look at the total monthly licence fee. However, it is important to remember that different office providers include different costs within this fee. Renting a serviced office is all about getting value for your money and in order for a workspace of this kind to be cost-effective, your monthly fee should be inclusive of a range of essential costs and services. 


Ideally, you should look for a fully serviced office with all-inclusive fees and everything from property costs and operation costs to capital expenditure should be covered by your monthly licence fee. When you don’t have to pay extra to use communal spaces like breakout areas and meeting rooms, you can save a considerable amount of money every month and you won’t have lots of different costs to factor into your budget. 




Having access to additional facilities is one of the main reasons why companies choose to rent serviced offices and the facilities available can differ quite significantly from one office building to another. Whilst most serviced offices will have meeting rooms and conference spaces available to use, some will offer lots of other attractive facilities too. Some serviced offices have reception areas, VIP lounges, cafes, bars and even gyms, and these extra facilities can help you to attract and retain the best team of employees. 


Comparing serviced offices for rent in London


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