Essential Costs That Should Be Covered By Your Serviced Office Fee 

Published On 5th May 2022 by Kerri McMahon

It isn’t uncommon for an office to be one of a business’s biggest overheads and professional workspace is a considerable expense to factor into any monthly budget. Of course, the average cost of office space will differ depending on factors such as; location, size, facilities and decor, and well-maintained, modern workspaces in cities like London are known for being expensive. 


To make being based in London more affordable, lots of businesses will choose to rent a serviced office and the all-inclusive, cost-effective monthly license fees for this particular type of workspace are very attractive. That being said, not all serviced office providers cover the same costs in their monthly fees and there are sometimes hidden costs that can quickly add up. 


If you’re worried about a new serviced office costing you more than you’ve budgeted for, below we have put together a list of costs that you should check are covered by the fee you’re going to pay for a serviced London office. All of the costs below should be covered in addition to standard property costs, such as; rent, service charges, building insurance and business rates. 


Office fit-out 


One of the biggest benefits of serviced offices is that they are fully equipped with everything you need to operate your business, from desks and chairs to high-speed internet. The total fit-out costs of the office space you’re renting should be included within your license fee and you shouldn’t have to pay extra for office furniture or interior design. To ensure your serviced office is perfect for your business and to enhance day-to-day workplace experience, you should also be able to customise the space to suit the culture of your business at no additional cost. Having assistance from a design expert to create your perfect office design is very useful too.


Building maintenance


You shouldn’t have to worry about operational costs like building maintenance when you rent a serviced office space and your office provider should be responsible for keeping your office in the best possible condition for you. When things like general building maintenance, facilities management and office cleaning are covered by your monthly fee, you can focus your time, attention and budget on other more important aspects of your business. Ideally, your utility bills should also be included in the fee you pay for ease. 


Reception services 


When renting a serviced office, you will share an office building with lots of other businesses and therefore, having a reception on-site is really important. Professional reception services should be included in your serviced office license fee and you should be able to rest assured knowing that all of your visitors will receive a warm welcome, helping to improve the first impressions of your business. It is worth enquiring about things such as telephone answering and mail handling services as well if there is a dedicated reception team on-site, and whilst your monthly fee might not cover these, they may benefit your business and be worth paying extra for. 


Kitchens and breakout spaces 


Having communal spaces for employees to use throughout the day is considered to be essential these days and access to kitchens and breakout spaces should be included in your monthly fee. Encouraging your employees to take some time away from their desks during their lunch breaks can help to reduce the likelihood of burnout and increase productivity. Kitchen and breakout spaces will become sociable areas that your team enjoy spending time in too, and they may have a positive impact on things such as employee morale. 


Meeting rooms 


Lots of businesses rent serviced offices because they provide them with access to additional facilities like meeting rooms, conference rooms, chat rooms and phone booths. Having these useful facilities on-site can make day-to-day operations much easier and also prevent the hassle associated with renting suitable spaces for employee and client meetings. Ideally, booking these on-site facilities should be covered by your serviced office fee, however, you may find that you can only book them for a certain number of hours each month. 


Comparing different serviced London offices


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