Common Reasons Why Businesses Use Meeting Rooms 

Published On 3rd May 2022 by Kerri McMahon

You may not be surprised to hear that the video conferencing software Zoom was one of the fastest-growing apps of the pandemic and meeting participants increased by 2900%. Businesses were keen to continue with meetings whilst working remotely and many actually hosted more meetings during the pandemic to help them keep in touch with their employees and clients during the challenging times. 


It goes without saying that meetings are a huge part of our working lives and now that it is safe to do so, lots of businesses are booking meeting rooms again rather than using video conferencing platforms. Face-to-face meetings have proved time and time again to be more productive than online meetings, and when planned correctly, they can be an effective use of everyone’s time. Below we have explored some of the main types of meetings that businesses are eager to host face-to-face in meeting rooms again.  


Employee meetings 


Whilst working on team projects, it isn’t uncommon for employees to prefer to use meeting rooms. Sitting together in the same room makes it much easier to collaborate and bounce ideas off of one another, and using a meeting room can boost creativity and innovation. Regardless of what the project entails, booking a private space for your employees to use can increase the likelihood of everyone contributing too. Lots of people feel more confident expressing their thoughts and ideas in person and you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your team. 


Lots of businesses will use meeting rooms for one-to-one meetings with their employees as well. Whether they’re conducting annual performance reviews or discussing things like promotions, having a meeting in person can be really advantageous and it can help to put employees at ease. Often, one-to-one meetings are confidential too, so using a meeting room is much more suitable than a communal breakout area or a corner of your serviced office. 


Client meetings 


When given the option, many businesses would rather meet prospective clients in person and this can help to enhance things like their credibility and trustworthiness. You will likely come across more professional and reliable when you invite prospective clients to meet you at your serviced office too, and meeting in person can put their minds at ease. Booking a meeting room for prospective clients’ visits will also show them how important their business is to you and it can help you win them over, especially if they’re comparing a few different businesses. 


Face-to-face meetings with existing clients are just as important and it is easier to nurture your business relationships when you meet your clients in person. Using meeting rooms, whether you’re discussing a client’s current contract or some ideas for the future, for example, can help to improve client retention rates. Existing clients will appreciate the time and attention you have given them too, and they will be more likely to continue working with you. 




Although some businesses are still having telephone interviews with candidates who apply for their vacancies, many will prefer to host second interviews in person. Meeting candidates face-to-face during the hiring process is the best way to establish whether they would be a good fit for your business and it can help to prevent you from offering a job to the wrong person. This, in turn, can improve employee retention and turnover rates. 


Booking a meeting room for your interviews can also help you to impress top talent and ensure you’re not missing out on brilliant candidates who can help you grow your business. Interviews are as much about candidates deciding whether they’d like to work for your business as they are about you deciding whether you’d like to hire them. If you want to increase your chances of the best candidates accepting your job offers, you should host face-to-face interviews. 


Finding a managed serviced office in London


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