Choosing The Right Serviced Office Provider 

Published On 29th April 2022 by Kerri McMahon

Flexible workspaces have been rising in popularity and a huge number of companies now rent serviced offices rather than traditional leased offices. As this type of workspace continues to soar in demand, it is no surprise that there are more serviced office providers in cities like London than ever before and there is an abundance of options available for companies who are looking for a new home. It is actually forecasted that the volume of flexible office workspaces will nearly double between 2019 and 2023, reaching 167 million square feet in the UK in 2023.


When searching for a serviced office to rent, not only is it essential to ensure you’re choosing the right private office space for your team, but renting from the right serviced office provider is more important than you may initially realise. 


What is a serviced office provider?


Serviced office providers are similar to commercial landlords in the sense that they rent workspaces to companies, however, they provide much more than just an office space to work from. Not only do serviced office providers take care of managing the office building on your behalf, but they also have dedicated on-site support teams that provide useful services such as; full concierge services and mail handling services. 


Unlike traditional leased offices, serviced offices are much more flexible and they don’t require long term commitment. When you rent an office in a serviced office building, also commonly known as a business centre, there will also be a number of useful facilities on-site to use. From kitchens and breakout spaces to meeting rooms and phone booths, you will have everything you need to operate a successful business all under one roof. Serviced office providers will also maintain these communal facilities as well, ensuring they are always suitable for use. 


The importance of choosing the right provider for your office space


Simply put, not all serviced office providers offer the same on-site facilities, support services or workspaces and when browsing the serviced office market, you will soon notice that no two providers are the same. Not to mention, the quality of serviced office buildings can differ quite significantly too, as can the level of hospitality provided by on-site teams. So, in order to ensure that not only is your workspace suitable for your company’s individual needs, but that you’re provided with the high-quality work environment you need to thrive, it is essential to choose the right serviced office provider. 


When you’re searching for a new flexible office space, it is really important to make sure you’re taking into consideration everything offered by a serviced office provider. For example, whether you’re able to customise your office environment and what business support services they provide. This is the best way to ensure you’re choosing the right workspace for your business requirements and that your serviced office can help you to both build and run a robust and successful company. 


The serviced office provider you choose will actually have a direct impact on your day-to-day operations. When you have a beautifully designed office space that is well maintained and professionally cleaned, this will help to improve the productivity of your team and it can also increase employee satisfaction too. This, in turn, will influence your retention and turnover rates, and help you to ensure that you always have the best team supporting your success.  


Due to the fact that your office space and the experience people have whilst visiting you will also have an effect on your company’s reputation, choosing the right provider is crucial. With the help of a welcoming reception team, you can ensure that your clients receive the best service from the moment they step foot in your building and this will improve things like your credibility and trustworthiness. So, ultimately, the serviced office provider you choose can either make or break client relationships and help or hinder your success. 


Finding serviced office providers in London


It is fair to say that choosing the right serviced office provider is just as important as choosing the right office space and there is no better choice than One Avenue. Unlike other serviced office providers in London, we guarantee exceptional hospitality for you and your employees, and our dedicated on-site support team can provide you with a full concierge service. Our buildings provide a world-class office experience and unforgettable first impressions for anyone who walks in too. To find out more about us as a serviced office provider or the serviced office spaces we have available to rent in London, don’t hesitate to contact us today.