Ways To Improve The Productivity Of Your Meetings 

Published On 27th April 2022 by Kerri McMahon

Meetings are a huge part of working life and they are used across all industry sectors, however, not all meetings are successful. A survey of 182 senior managers conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that 71% of meetings are unproductive and inefficient. Unfortunately, meetings can end up being a waste of time for everyone involved and they can be incredibly costly for your business in several ways if they’re not productive. 


Whilst cutting down on the number of meetings you have is often the first recommendation for improving the success of your meetings, this isn’t always possible and if your line of business requires you to have meetings on a regular basis, you need to find other ways to ensure they’re productive. Below we have put together a list of really easy ways to increase the productivity of your future meetings. 


Book a meeting room 


Using a dedicated space for your meetings is always beneficial. Rather than using a breakout room or a lounge area in your serviced office space, booking a meeting room will help to ensure everyone is focused on the meeting. When you remove any outside distractions, you stand a better chance of the meeting being successful and you won’t have to run over in order to achieve everything you hoped to. 


Meeting rooms are also designed to be inspiring and they will be fully equipped with everything you need to host a successful meeting, from comfortable chairs to quality technology. Having meeting rooms on-site in a serviced office building is really advantageous and they will be convenient to access whenever you need them. 


Create an agenda 


Before you even enter the meeting room, you need to ensure that all attendees have a good understanding of the purpose of the meeting. Take the time to establish exactly what needs to be covered in the meeting and define your goals. Thorough planning is one of the best ways to get attendees motivated about an upcoming meeting and 64% of people say good planning gets them excited about joining.


It is always worthwhile creating a clear agenda for the meeting too. This is a great way to tell attendees more about what will be discussed during the meeting, enabling them to prepare and bring anything required with them. Ideally, include discussion items and predicted timings within this agenda, this can give your meeting some structure and prevent you from going off track. It’s worth sharing the anticipated outcomes of the meeting as well. 


Encourage attendee participation 


One of the biggest advantages of a meeting is that it provides people with the opportunity to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. However, not everyone is keen to particulate during a meeting and this is something you will need to encourage. Incorporating brainstorming tasks, for example, is a great way to get everyone involved and these tasks can aid creativity and innovation. 


Limiting the number of meeting attendees can help with participation too and people are often more likely to contribute to a meeting when there are fewer people in the room. So, only invite selective people to your meetings and ensure the people you do invite will be beneficial to have there. Being selective in this regard can have a huge impact on productivity. 


Offer refreshments


Ideally, meetings should always be as short as possible and the longer you spend in a meeting room, the less productive the meeting will be. Understandably, sometimes, meetings need to be longer in order to cover all essential discussion items and when it’s not possible to cut down the time of the meeting, ensure you’re providing attendees with refreshments.


Offering tea, coffee and some food to meeting attendees can prevent them from clock watching and being distracted by how thirsty or hungry they are. Not to mention, refreshments can help to boost energy levels and prevent fatigue towards the end of a meeting too. The right refreshments can even help to keep attendees engaged and focused, enabling you to achieve the best possible results from the time spent in the meeting room. 


Finding serviced offices in London with meeting rooms 


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