Useful Tips For Your Office Move 

Published On 25th April 2022 by Kerri McMahon

Businesses choose to relocate for a number of reasons. Whether your existing workplace is now too small for your employees, the on-site facilities aren’t meeting your current needs or the location is no longer convenient, moving to a new office is undeniably beneficial. However, more than three-quarters of SMEs delay moving premises because it’s the second most stressful task they have to undertake and it’s something they dread more than handing finances or dealing with customer complaints. 


Although an office move can be stressful, working from a space that supports your success makes the hassle of a move worthwhile, and you will likely thank yourself for finding a new home for your business. Some elements of the moving process will be out of your control, yet there are a few things you can do to make your office move as straightforward as possible. To help any businesses that are keen to move into a new serviced office in London, below we have put together some useful tips for any office move. 


Start planning early 


It goes without saying that moving office is more complicated than moving home and to prevent scrambling at the last minute, it is beneficial to start planning early. Once you have chosen your new office and you know the approximate time frame for the relocation, you should begin putting a detailed plan in place. The earlier you start planning, the less likely you are to overlook something important and the smoother the whole moving process will be. 


Work with a reputable removals company 


Regardless of how big your business is or how much equipment you have, it is always recommended that you use a removals company. Working with a team of professionals on moving day can have a huge impact on your move and they will have the knowledge and resources required to ensure the whole process is seamless. Experienced movers can assist with everything from packing to unloading the van, making your relocation much less stressful. 


If you haven’t moved offices before and you don’t know any reliable local companies, speak to your new office provider and get some recommendations. They can provide you with the details of professional movers that specialise in office relocations.


Get your employees involved 


To take some of the pressure off your shoulder, ask your employees to assist you with the move. Even simply asking your team to pack up their own desks can make a big difference and it will also help to prevent employees’ personal belongings from being broken or getting lost during the move. It is likely that your team will be happy to help during working hours and if they pack up certain parts of the office, they will be in a better position to unpack in your new office. 


Ask your new office provider for support 


When you’re moving into a new serviced office, there might be an on-site team on hand to assist you with your move. If a behind the scenes facilitator can help you with various different parts of your relocation, you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your business and you won’t have to worry about juggling your responsibilities during the moving process. 


Often, serviced office providers offer a number of business support services and their genuinely friendly, helpful and highly trained staff can make things much easier for you. Simply enquire about what assistance can be provided during your move and how much you will be required to organise yourself when you’re moving into their building. 


Be prepared to change address 


Before you move into your new serviced office space, it is really advantageous to start updating things such as your business cards, letterheads, websites and social media platforms with your new address. This will help to prevent any confusion after your move. Don’t forget to inform any suppliers of your new address too and ensure they know where/how to reach you. Similarly, update your clients of your new address and provide them with any important information they will require in relation to visiting your new serviced office once you’re settled in. 


Trying to find serviced office space in London?


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