Top Workplace Priorities In 2022 And Beyond 

Published On 22nd April 2022 by Kerri McMahon

Over the past couple of years, organisations’ priorities have shifted and what was once considered to be of the utmost importance may no longer be of significance. Similarly, workplace trends have changed quite considerably throughout 2020 and 2021, and organisations have had to remain fluid in order to accommodate any unexpected rules and regulations put in place, and to adapt to ever changing employee and client expectations. 


Now in 2022, the future isn’t quite as uncertain and organisations are in a better position to start planning ahead. With this in mind, workplace priorities have evolved and although the office isn’t quite what it used to be, it remains to be seen as a key business tool. Below we have explored some of the top workplace priorities for organisations across all industries in 2022, and beyond, as they try to overcome the issues caused by the pandemic and start thriving again. 


Employee satisfaction


The ongoing economic trend in which employees have been resigning from their jobs has been aptly named ‘The Great Resignation’. A recent survey of 6,000 candidates found that 67% of people feel very confident at the prospect of moving to a new employer and it is likely that an astonishing number of employees will continue to switch roles in 2022. Due to this, organisations will be prioritising employee satisfaction this year in an attempt to retain their existing employees and prevent high turnover rates. 


With more organisations starting to think about expanding again after a difficult couple of years, there are plenty of job opportunities out there and it is incredibly important to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep your team happy. This is especially the case if you’re keen to start growing your business again, after all, you need top talent to support you with this. 


After spending so much time working remotely, lots of employers are offering hybrid working and flexible working solutions to employees, and this has been well received. Splitting their time between working from home and working in the office provides both employees and employers alike with the best of both worlds, and it can have a direct impact on employee satisfaction. Finding a good work-life balance is also thought to be much easier when you have the flexibility to work from different locations during the week. 


Upon their return to the office, employees are wanting more from their workspaces too. Well-designed offices and on-site facilities are more important than ever before, and the majority of organisations will be placing an emphasis on improving their workplace experience. Serviced offices are soaring in popularity and they are making it easy for employers to provide their employees with high-quality, inspiring and enjoyable workplaces. 


Client acquisition and retention 


In addition to employee satisfaction, client acquisition and retention is a top priority for many organisations in 2022. In order to remain profitable, having a dedicated client base is essential and clients really are the key to ongoing success.


Lots of organisations are using their workplace to help them impress clients and a serviced office space can influence both existing and prospective clients’ opinions about your organisation. Your office address alone will impact the thoughts and opinions clients have, and it is essential to ensure your workspace is helping you to come across as a credible and prosperous organisation. The right office space can even help to convince clients that you’re reliable and trustworthy, and it can persuade them to do business with you. 


Whether you regularly meet with clients face-to-face or this is something that you’re interested in doing more in the future, finding the right serviced office is crucial and it can help you go from strength to strength. Many are eager to get back to in-person meetings, especially with clients, and for this reason, having access to meeting rooms is really important. So, having a selection of on-site facilities isn’t just advantageous from an employee satisfaction perspective, they can assist you with client acquisition and retention as well. 


Finding the best serviced office in London


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