Desirable Features In A Modern Office Space 

Published On 19th April 2022 by Kerri McMahon

Professional workspaces have changed quite considerably over the years and offices are very different today from what they were even just ten years ago. Whilst the shape, size and design of a serviced office space will differ depending on the individual needs of a company, there are a number of desirable features that make a contemporary office space stand out from the crowd. It is fair to say that every element of an office design is important and if you’re currently trying to find a new home for your company, below we have highlighted some of the most sought-after features for modern office spaces these days. 


Large windows


Lighting has always been important in office design, however, in recent years, the benefits of natural light have become more widespread. The artificial lighting in an office will affect both the health and wellbeing of employees, for example, the glare created by harsh lighting can cause employees to get migraines. So, large windows are a very desirable feature in a modern serviced office and they can be more beneficial than you may initially realise. 


Natural lighting can help to improve the general mood of your team, boosting morale and helping them to stay motivated throughout the day. It can also increase productivity and reduce fatigue too. Large windows can even help to connect your office environment to nature outside and biophilic design is very on-trend at the moment for workspaces. 


Spacious rooms


A spacious feel is something that lots of companies look for when they’re choosing an office and there is nothing worse than feeling cramped into an uninspiring space. Of course, renting an office space that is big enough to accommodate your employees and all of their equipment is really important, but now that open-plan designs are popular, many are keen to have extra floor space that they can utilise for a variety of purposes. 


Creating different zones in the office for spontaneous meetings or group projects, for example, is something that companies are keen to do and extra space offers a number of exciting opportunities. Should your business expand in the future, having the space required for additional workstations can help to prevent you from needing to move offices too. 


Custom designs 


Not all serviced offices can be customised, but being able to re-design the space is a really desirable feature in a modern office. Your office space should be a reflection of your business and the design should be in line with your culture. When a total fit-out, including interior design and office furniture, is available before your business moves into the space you can also enhance the day-to-day workplace experience for your employees. 


It’s important to note, the design of your private office space will also influence the first impressions prospective clients have of your business. A well-designed workspace can boost your professional image and improve the credibility of your business. You won’t have to worry about meeting clients on-site when your office has a custom design. 


High-speed internet 


It goes without saying that technology is a huge part of business these days and high-speed internet is a feature that all companies will look for. Having a reliable internet connection will enable your employees to work efficiently throughout the day and it can prevent any problems with your basic operations. Not to mention, if you frequently have important conference calls, you need to be able to depend on the internet connection as well. 


Having access to meeting rooms with wireless TV technology, for example, is incredibly advantageous too and when a modern office space is able to offer additional extras like it, it is instantly more desirable. In this digital day and age, technology is one of the first things companies will consider when choosing a new serviced office. 


Renting the best serviced office space in London 


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