Designing A Stylish And Fun Yet Professional Office 

Published On 15th April 2022 by Kerri McMahon

Only 13% of global workers and 11% of UK workers are highly engaged and highly satisfied with their workplace experience, and whilst office design has changed a lot over the years, many businesses are still falling short in this regard. World-renowned companies like Google are known for having well-designed contemporary offices that provide exceptional workplace experiences and businesses should be turning to these companies for inspiration. 


Whilst offices should be designed with a certain level of professionalism in mind, finding a good balance between style, fun and professionalism is really important if you want to provide a positive workplace experience. There are numerous benefits to moving away from bland interior design for your office space and below we have explored some of the different ways you can transform your serviced office into an inviting and enjoyable place to work. 


Don’t shy away from using colour 


So many serviced offices will have the same drab interior design and it isn’t uncommon for businesses to be apprehensive about using colour. However, colour is one of the best and easiest ways to turn your dreary and dull workspace into somewhere your employees feel inspired and motivated to perform at their best. 


Even the simplest splash of colour can make a big difference, for example; creating a feature wall or using decor accents throughout the space. Consider incorporating your brand colours into your interior design to strengthen brand awareness and boost morale too. With the help of an experienced designer, you can use the right colours to design a space that is elegant, sophisticated and stylish, yet not overbearing and still professional. 


Create a social space 


Splitting your serviced office into different zones and diversifying your space can be really advantageous. In addition to creating collaboration zones and meeting zones, having a more social zone for employees to use during their breaks can help to improve employee wellbeing and make your office a more relaxed and enjoyable place. 


Using a variety of seating options, like comfortable chairs and sofas, you can create a social space that employees want to use whenever they’re not working. Taking breaks away from their desks can actually help to improve employee productivity and reduce the likelihood of burnout too. If you’re keen to improve employee satisfaction and retention, you may want to consider offering fun activities in your social space, such as foosball tables and board games. 


Incorporate natural elements 


You can easily elevate an office design by using plants and flowers, and natural elements can add life to any workspace. Using raw materials and earthy colours can be beneficial too and biophilic office design is very on-trend at the moment. 


Celebrating nature throughout your serviced office won’t just add visual interest to your space, it can help to improve employee wellbeing too. Natural elements help to reduce stress, promote feelings of calmness and boost the general mood of employees. When you have plants and flowers in your office space, they can make employees feel more at home whilst they’re working too and you may notice an improvement in absenteeism. 


Ask your team what they want in the office 


When you’re redesigning your serviced office, it can be advantageous to speak to your employees and learn more about their workplace preferences. Ultimately, asking your team what they would like the office to look and feel like, and getting them involved with the interior design can help you ensure you’re making the most effective design choices. Your team will spend a huge amount of time in your office space and if you want them to be both satisfied with their workspace and able to perform at their best, bearing in mind their wants and needs can be really beneficial. 


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