Why Flexible Serviced Offices Are Expected To Soar In Popularity In 2022

Published On 19th December 2021 by Kerri McMahon

The uncertainty of the past couple of years has caused many businesses to rethink their office space. Whilst long-term lease agreements for office buildings might be the most traditional option for businesses that require a private office space, the rigidness of this workspace solution has resulted in it being the least favourable amongst businesses as we head into 2022. Many are starting to explore the option of flexible serviced offices instead and there are a number of advantages to this modern solution. 


What are flexible serviced offices?


The term ‘flexible office’ is commonly used to describe a range of different professional environments that enable businesses to have increased flexibility. Serviced offices are a type of flexible office, alongside other solutions such as co-working spaces, and these private offices provide businesses with a working environment that is much less restrictive than a traditional leased office. 


More often than not, flexible serviced offices are fully furnished and fully equipped, enabling businesses to move straight into the space and start working. This type of office is also fully managed by a General manager and an on-site team will ensure you have everything you need to operate your business efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Uniquely, flexible serviced offices have a fixed monthly license fee too and all costs associated with the workspace will be included within this monthly fee. 


Why do so many businesses rent flexible serviced offices?


Now that businesses are starting to operate in times that are considered to be the ‘new normal’ following the Coronavirus pandemic, many are wanting to avoid the commitment associated with lengthy leases and they’re opting to rent a flexible serviced office instead. In fact, research released by Savills states that it is anticipated flexible offices will reach 10–15% of office demand over the next couple of years and 20% of total demand in the long term.


Of course, the main reason why this type of office space is so popular is; the increased flexibility it provides businesses. With minimum terms as short as 3 months, you can rent a flexible serviced office space knowing that regardless of what the future holds, you can adapt your workspace as required. With the potential of future Coronavirus restrictions constantly in the back of business owners minds and the economy remaining to be quite rocky, flexibility is welcomed now more than ever. 


In addition to having the ability to downsize should they need to in an attempt to reduce overheads, businesses can also easily expand when renting a flexible serviced office. Unlike other traditional workspaces, this office solution accommodates future growth and empowers businesses to take their company to the next level. Increasing the amount of office space you have to enable you to hire new employees couldn’t be easier when renting a flexible serviced office and you will never be restricted by the amount of floor space you have. 


The all-inclusive and fixed monthly license fee makes this type of workspace desirable too. Everything from property costs like; rent, business rates and building insurance to operational costs such as; building maintenance, office cleaning and utility bills, will be included within the predetermined amount you pay every month, making budgeting incredibly straightforward. Often, fit-out costs including both interior design and office furniture will be covered within the monthly license fee too, reducing the upfront costs associated with a new office space.


When renting a flexible serviced office, businesses also have access to a number of useful on-site facilities and this makes this type of office stand out from the crowd. In addition to having your own private office, when renting a flexible space of this kind, you will be able to use shared areas such as; meeting rooms, chat rooms, boardrooms, event spaces, reception areas, phone booths, breakout spaces and kitchens. Having access to all of these essential business facilities, at no extra cost, is undeniably beneficial to all industry sectors. 


Renting a flexible serviced office in London

Should you be interested in renting a flexible serviced office in London, enabling you to reap all of the benefits touched on above, be sure to take a look at the One Avenue website. We have a number of fully equipped private office spaces throughout the capital, all of which provide businesses with the flexibility that is so sought-after these days. We pride ourselves on the quality of our flexible office spaces and our outstanding hospitality, and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed when renting a flexible serviced office in London with us. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about our London locations in more detail, feel free to get in touch with us today.