Why Collaboration Is Frequently Encouraged In The Workplace

Published On 17th December 2021 by Kerri McMahon

‘Collaboration’ is something that all organisations are talking about these days and although it might just seem like another overused business term, collaboration in the workplace is actually incredibly important. Creating a collaborative environment and encouraging employees to work collaboratively is considered to be the key to success and studies have found companies that promoted collaborative working were 5 times as likely to be high performing. Some organisations may be collaborating already without even realising, but it is undeniably worthwhile putting an emphasis on this way of working. 


What is collaboration?


Simply put, collaboration in the workplace is when two or more employees/departments work together and contribute their skill sets to complete a task or achieve a goal. Coordinating the efforts of a group of employees can drive an organisation forward and collaborative working is something that all employees should be encouraged to do. 


Thankfully, creating a collaborative workspace in a large serviced office couldn’t be easier. Both open-plan and team-based layouts are popular when designing a cohesive office space, and they will enable employees to conveniently communicate with one another. The look and feel of your serviced office can naturally support and boost collaboration too, and taking the time to design a space that supports this way of working is always worthwhile. 


What are the advantages of collaboration?


Even though collaborative working often feels like a natural thing to do, actively encouraging this is incredibly beneficial for an organisation. Ultimately, this way of working can positively impact an organisation’s ongoing success and it will help to ensure that they remain both relevant and competitive, especially in saturated markets. 


One of the most obvious advantages of collaboration is that it can aid problem-solving and help employees overcome barriers they’re facing. When different departments come together to work on a singular task or project, they can utilise the strengths of all employees to find answers and solutions to the problem at hand. The knowledge, skills and expertise of different employees will be invaluable when trying to solve a problem, and it will save a lot of time. Not only is collaboration often the most effective and efficient way to problem-solve, but this way of working can also prevent employees from being overwhelmed by complex workloads. 


By collaborating and working together, employees can actually learn an awful lot too and collaboration is arguably one of the best ways to upskill your whole team. Encouraging different departments to work together will enable employees to share their skills with one another and they can take so much away from their time working on a joint project. What employees learn from one another whilst working collaboratively can go on to improve their overall performance. Not to mention, having a team that has basic knowledge of a range of different departments will positively impact the day-to-day running of the organisation too. 


Collaboration isn’t just about completing tasks in an efficient manner though and it can actually influence things such as employee satisfaction and morale too. Bringing employees and departments together during the working day will help to improve working relationships and make sure your whole team is well connected. 


When you have a collaborative work environment, you will likely notice a difference in your employee retention rates too and your employees will be more engaged in their work, making them more likely to be loyal to the organisation. It isn’t uncommon for collaborative workplaces to be more appealing to prospective employees as well and many would much prefer to work for an organisation that encourages this way of working. 


Finding large serviced offices in London that are perfect for collaboration


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