What Makes Biophilic Office Design So Popular?

Published On 15th December 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Whilst it can be easy to overlook, office design is incredibly important and when renting a serviced office in London, it is highly recommended that you customise the space for your business. There are a number of different design trends for office spaces and some tend to be more popular than others amongst professionals. One particular trend that has become somewhat of a buzzword in the world of interior design is; biophilia and it is fair to say that biophilic office design is something all businesses should learn more about. 


What is biophilic office design?


Simply put, biophilia is the natural urge for humans to affiliate with nature and other living systems, and it is suggested that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living beings. Biophilic office design has biophilia at its roots and it incorporates natural elements such as; plants, water, raw materials and earthy colours to mimic natural landscapes. Not only can biophilic design make an office space more attractive and visually interesting, but there are multiple advantages to being surrounded by nature during the working day. 


Why are so many business owners following this design trend?


Lots of businesses are becoming aware of the benefits associated with incorporating natural elements into their serviced office design, and they are keen to reap these benefits themselves. Biophilic design can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health, and multiple studies have looked into how an office space that mimics natural environments can influence employees throughout the working day. 


Studies show that nature can affect the recovery process following a stressor and this has resulted in businesses using nature in their office design in an attempt to reduce stress amongst their employees. Having natural elements in a serviced office design is thought to promote feelings of calmness and boost the general mood of employees. At a time when mental wellbeing is so prominent, simply using biophilic design can make such a huge difference. 


When it comes to physical health, biophilic office design can make more of a difference than many initially realise too. Of course, plants can help to improve air quality by absorbing pollutants and this, in turn, will influence employee sickness. Reducing absence due to sickness is something all employees want to do and it is likely that in addition to preventing high rates of sickness absence, office design can also improve absenteeism. 


What’s more, in serviced offices that feature elements of biophilic design, productivity increases by 8%, if not more, and employee performance can be greatly improved. It goes without saying that productivity is of the utmost importance for businesses and being able to positively affect the output of employees with biophilic design is incredibly beneficial. Some even say these natural elements encourage creativity and innovation as well. 


More so than ever before, office design influences employee retention too and opting for a biophilic design can help to make your serviced office a desirable place to work. When their environment is welcoming and comforting, employees won’t dread coming into the office and their working life will generally be much better. Ultimately, with the right office design, employee retention and loyalty isn’t something businesses need to worry about. 


Not only will a beautifully designed office be appreciated by existing employees, but it will be attractive to prospective employees too. Employing top talent when you have put thought and time into creating a biophilic office design will generally be easier and your business will stand out from the crowd. Due to the fact that employees spend so much of their time in the office, all prospective employees will take into consideration this environment before accepting a job offer. 


Customising your serviced office 

If you’re trying to find serviced office space in London that you can customise using biophilic design, don’t hesitate to contact us here at One Avenue. We have a number of desirable office locations throughout the capital and we can help you to find the ideal private office space for your business. Not only are all of our serviced office spaces fully equipped and fully furnished, but we ensure the customisation of the space to suit the culture of your business too. Should you wish to find out more about the high-quality flexible office spaces we have available in London, our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.