The Importance Of Having Good Lighting In A Serviced Office 

Published On 13th December 2021 by Kerri McMahon

When designing your serviced office, there are several different elements you need to take into consideration and amongst some of the most important is; lighting. There is no denying that having the correct lighting in an office space is crucial and both natural light and artificial lighting will have a direct impact on how satisfied employees are. In fact, a report conducted by Staples, The Harsh Reality of UK Office Lighting, found that 80% of UK workers think lighting in the office is important and 1 in 4 are frustrated at having to deal with poor lighting. So, it is essential that lighting isn’t overlooked during the design process for a serviced office space. 


How does lighting affect employees?


The lighting in your serviced office will affect the health and wellbeing of your employees, and the consequences of the wrong lighting can actually be more detrimental than business owners initially realise. Of course, having a poorly lit office space can be really dangerous as it makes trip hazards, like wires and cables, harder to see and preventing common accidents is much easier when the office has adequate lighting. However, getting the right balance of lighting is important for lots of other health reasons too. 


When employees spend all day in the same office, the lighting will also affect their general daily health. For example, having poor lighting can result in eye strain which often leads to employees getting headaches. Similarly, when your office has really harsh lighting, the glare it creates can cause your employees to get migraines whilst they’re working. So, designing a space that is lit in the right ways can help to reduce employee sickness absence. 


The lighting, both natural and artificial, in your serviced office will also directly affect the productivity of your employees. Having good lighting will enable employees to complete their daily tasks without any issues and it will also help to reduce fatigue too. The lighting in the office can even influence the mood of your employees and help to ensure they have a positive working attitude and remain motivated throughout the day. 


Natural light Vs artificial lighting


Both of these types of lighting are essential in the office environment and they are equally as important as one another for different reasons. Commonly, businesses will focus on natural light when they’re designing their serviced office and there are several health benefits of natural light, including; improved mental health and reduced physical health risks. 


All businesses should make the most of the windows they have in their serviced office and when you opt for an open plan layout, you shouldn’t struggle to design a space that is flooded with natural light. Being able to see greenery out of the windows in the office is actually beneficial too and biophilic design is something lots of people are becoming more aware of. Generally speaking, natural light will boost the mood of your employees, reduce their stress levels and help them to enjoy the time they spend in the office. 


Even if you have lots of natural light in your serviced office, it is still important to use artificial lighting throughout the space. Having overhead and task lighting in your serviced office will help to ensure employees can continue to work efficiently as the days get darker during the winter months. This type of lighting is vital in some job roles too, ensuring that specific areas are well lit for employees to complete particular tasks. When incorporating artificial lighting into a serviced office design, always ensure you’re choosing the right type of lighting and also the right coloured light to avoid any problems associated with this lighting solution though. 


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