Sought-After Facilities For Serviced Offices 

Published On 11th December 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Serviced offices have become one of the most popular workspace solutions amongst start-up businesses and long-standing companies alike, and they are set to continue to soar in popularity over the upcoming years. This type of private office offers organisations numerous benefits from flexible terms and inclusive costs to fully equipped spaces and bespoke interior design, and it is easy to see why serviced offices are the first choice for many. 


Unlike traditional leased office buildings, serviced offices provide organisations with access to a range of on-site facilities too, all of which are useful in their own right. When deciding which serviced office to rent, all organisations will have their own unique requirements, yet there are a few essential facilities that remain to be the top priority across all industry sectors, including;


Meeting rooms and boardrooms


One particular facility that is considered to be vital to all organisations is; a meeting room. Being able to use professional spaces that are set up with boardroom tables and interactive technology is incredibly useful and it goes without saying that meetings are key to the ongoing success of organisations of all shapes and sizes. 


Meetings tend to be a part of day-to-day working life too and organisations will host meetings with their employees, clients and investors. Not having to pay to rent a professional space for these meetings can significantly reduce the amount organisations spend on their workspaces and have a positive impact on their overheads in general. 


Not to mention, with collaboration frequently being encouraged in the workplace, meeting rooms provide organisations with a space where employees can work together on group projects. Brainstorming ideas is made easier by having access to meeting rooms and both creativity and innovation will directly benefit from being able to use a dedicated meeting space. 


Breakout spaces and kitchens


Commonly, organisations look for refreshment zones, informal seating areas and breakout spaces when choosing a serviced office space to rent, and these particular spaces are more important than some initially realise. These facilities provide employees with an area away from the professional working space that they can use to relax on their breaks. 


With breakout spaces on-site, employees won’t have to spend their whole day sitting at their desks and they won’t feel pressured to work throughout their breaks. These informal spaces can help to prevent burnout and reduce both sickness absence and absenteeism, saving organisations a considerable amount of money throughout the year. 


Being able to use breakout spaces not only helps to improve employee health and wellbeing, but it has a positive effect on morale and performance too. Employees will generally be more satisfied with their job role and more productive throughout the working day when they’re able to escape from the stressful and fast-paced environment of the office on their breaks. 


Onsite cafes and bars 


Whilst the majority of serviced offices are well-located, especially if they’re situated in cities like London, facilities like cafes and bars are still sought-after. These types of facilities are known for positively impacting things such as employee retention and they can help to make an organisation more desirable to prospective candidates. 


Of course, on-site cafes and bars are also useful for entertaining clients and investors too, and they provide organisations with somewhere convenient to meet with their contacts. Forging a lasting relationship in business is essential to ongoing success and on-site cafes, bars, VIP lounges and event spaces enable you to easily stay connected. 


Additional extras 


There are a few different facilities that might not necessarily be crucial to daily operations, but are still incredibly desirable to organisations. For example, having a Virgin Active Health Club situated within the building, like in our North Row office, can make serviced offices stand out from the crowd. 


It isn’t uncommon for things such as in-house support and a full concierge service to be taken into consideration when choosing a serviced office space too. Anything that can make day-to-day life easier for organisations is considered to be an advantage to have and with these facilities readily available nowadays, many will be keen to have access to them. 


Finding the best serviced office space in London


When searching for a serviced office that benefits from the popular facilities mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at One Avenue. We can provide you with a selection of high-quality office buildings in central London to choose from and each of these buildings has a number of desirable facilities on-site. Not only are our offices a breath of fresh air, guaranteeing an unforgettable first impression, but we break the mould with our service levels too and we put our clients at the heart of everything we do. We really do provide the best serviced office spaces in London and every member of our team deeply believes in providing a five-star service.