Entertaining Clients In The City Of London 

Published On 9th December 2021 by Kerri McMahon

The City of London, commonly known as the ‘Square Mile’, is located right at the centre of London. This busy district is a very popular place for businesses to have office space and there is an abundance of benefits to being situated in central London. One of the perks of having a serviced office in the City of London is that you will have plenty of destinations to choose from when entertaining clients and maintaining a positive client relationship is much easier than it would be if you were located elsewhere, like the outskirts of the capital. 


Why is entertaining clients so important?


Whilst there is no denying that acquiring new clients is vital to the ongoing success of a business, retaining existing clients is equally important, if not more so. Client retention should be of the utmost importance to all businesses, regardless of which industry sector they fall under and, simply put, it costs five times as much to attract a new client than to keep an existing one. There are a number of statistics relating to client retention that make it abundantly clear all businesses should be focusing their time and attention on their existing clients. 


Entertaining your clients is a tried and tested strategy for increasing client retention and spending time with your clients is one of the most effective ways to forge a lasting relationship with them. In addition to building rapport, entertaining clients can instil trust and help to reinforce the fact you care about each and every one of your clients too. Ultimately, when you spend money entertaining your clients, you will be investing in your business for the future. 


Different ways to entertain clients in the City of London  


As mentioned above, having a serviced office in the City of London is ideal if you frequently entertain clients and there are a number of different ways you can treat your clients locally. Of course, it is always advisable to incorporate your clients’ interests into your entertainment plans, but you won’t struggle to arrange a memorable day or evening for them in the local area. 


The most popular way to entertain clients in the city centre is to provide them with an authentic London experience. Some examples of this include; visiting the Viewing Gallery at The Shard, having drinks at the Sky Garden, experiencing afternoon tea at The Ritz, watching cricket at Lord’s or going to The Royal Albert Hall, Shakespeare’s Globe or one of the many theatres in the West End. You can guarantee that any of these experiences will be enjoyed by your clients, especially if they’re not local to London and it is their first time visiting. 


Of course, within the City of London alone there are multiple different restaurants too, so if you’d prefer to entertain your clients in a more traditional way, you can easily book somewhere that will impress them. It is likely that within walking distance from your serviced office there will be a number of different eateries and you won’t struggle to find a suitable cuisine to enjoy. 


Depending on what facilities are at your serviced office, you might not even need to venture out to entertain your clients. Lots of serviced offices have event venues, bars and VIP lounge areas these days, and these can be the perfect places to spend some time with your clients. This is especially true if your serviced office has a roof terrace that offers stunning views of the city. 


Finding a serviced office in the City of London


Should you be trying to find a serviced office in the City of London to rent, explore the rest of the One Avenue website today. We have a number of office locations within the centre of London and whether you’re interested in being located in Liverpool Street, Fenchurch or Bank, for example, we can provide you with the perfect new home for your business. All of our serviced offices in the City of London are fully furnished and fully managed, and they will be a breath of fresh air both for you and your employees. At One Avenue, we break the mould with our service levels too and we are proud to offer both high quality serviced office spaces and exceptional hospitality. 


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