Why Mayfair Is A Popular Location For A London Serviced Office 

Published On 4th December 2021 by Kerri McMahon

London is considered to be one of the most desirable destinations to rent an office space and the capital is home to a broad range of organisations. Within London, some boroughs and areas throughout these boroughs are more popular than others for businesses and Mayfair is arguably one of the most sought-after locations for serviced offices. This particular destination is no longer just an enviable place to live, but it now also has an outstanding reputation for being home to a number of thriving businesses. Mayfair has attracted organisations of all shapes and sizes for reasons such as;

What makes Mayfair popular amongst businesses 

Many businesses are drawn to Mayfair because it is one of the most affluent areas in London and having a Mayfair postcode can have an impact on their reputation. There are many positive connotations surrounding this area of London and when renting a serviced office in Mayfair, businesses will directly benefit from these connotations. Often, the first impressions of an organisation will be significantly improved when they have a desirable postcode like this and the location of their office space will hint at their success and financial situation. 

For businesses that frequently have meetings with clients, Mayfair is a popular choice because of its striking architecture. The serviced offices in Mayfair are almost guaranteed to be full of character and they will be stunning on both the outside and the inside. In addition to their postcode, the aesthetics of a business’s office space will influence their reputation and the grandeur of Mayfair will do nothing but improve a businesses reputation. 

As Mayfair becomes an increasingly popular place to work, the number of serviced offices available to rent continues to rise too and there are a surprising number of office buildings in this area of London now. Not only does this mean that organisations have a variety of different office spaces to choose from when finding a new home, but it also means that Mayfair is a brilliant area for networking too. When situated in Mayfair, organisations have the opportunity to connect with a range of both long-standing and start-up businesses and they can make a number of invaluable connections which have the potential to aid their success. 

Why employees are drawn to working in Mayfair 

When choosing an employer to work for, employees will always consider the location of their serviced office and Mayfair is a popular location for employees as well as businesses. Due to the fact that this area of London is incredibly straightforward to get to and it is served by a number of excellent transport links, commuting to a serviced office in Mayfair wouldn’t be an issue. Simply being able to get a tube to and from work makes this area of London attractive for employees. 

Throughout Mayfair, there are a number of incredible restaurants, cocktail bars and pubs too, and for employees who enjoy spending time with their colleagues outside of work, this area is the perfect place to be able to grab a bite to eat or a drink at the end of the working day. Not to mention, Mayfair is full of green open spaces too and taking a stroll through a beautiful garden on a lunch break is possible when working for a business in this area. Ultimately, having a good work-life balance is easily made possible when working for a business located in Mayfair and it is no surprise that so many employees are drawn to this area. 

Renting the best serviced office in Mayfair 

When searching for the best serviced office in Mayfair to rent for your business, be sure to take a look at the One Avenue website. We have serviced offices in a number of desirable locations throughout the capital, including Mayfair, and our North Row office building is the perfect home for your business if you would like to be located in this area of London. Situated just moments from Marble Arch and Bond Street stations, and only a short walk from Hyde Park, Regent Street, Oxford Street and New Bond Street, our serviced office really is perfectly placed.

North Row has an excellent range of high-quality facilities to suit all of your business needs too, from reception areas and VIP business lounges to meeting rooms and boardrooms. There is even a Virgin Active Health Club situated within the building and an onsite bar as well. Amongst all of this, what makes our office the best serviced office in Mayfair to rent is our team who are committed to providing outstanding service levels. We always guarantee exceptional hospitality for you and your employees, and whatever your needs, we will have a solution.