The Importance Of Break Out Spaces In An Office 

Published On 29th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Here in the UK, employees are usually entitled to three different types of breaks from work; rest breaks at work, breaks in between shifts and weekly rests. Whilst two out of these three breaks will be taken at home, commonly, employees will spend their rest breaks at work in the office and when there is nowhere else for them to go, they will spend this break sitting at their desk. 

Employees are entitled to an uninterrupted rest break of at least twenty minutes during their working day if they work more than six hours and spending this time at their desk can actually be detrimental. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to rent serviced offices that have dedicated ‘break out’ spaces and these provide employees with somewhere else to go during their rest break. These spaces can be invaluable to both employers and employees alike, and here’s why;

What is a ‘break out’ space?

Commonly, a break out space is defined as an area or a room that is separate from the main professional working area. Whilst break out spaces come in all shapes and sizes, they are typically a more informal environment and they will be designed in a way that enables employees to relax when they’re in the space. Sometimes, break out spaces will be particular partitioned sections of open-plan offices or they will be additional rooms within office buildings that can be used by employees. 

Traditionally, break out spaces are used by employees on their rest break to have a cup of tea or to eat their lunch, however, they can also be used for informal meetings and catch-ups with employers or colleagues. In this modern day and age, employees often expect to have some type of break out area to use during the working day and it is becoming increasingly common for additional facilities like this to be taken into consideration when contemplating a job offer. 

How employees can benefit from a space of this kind 

Due to the fact that break out spaces typically feature comfortable chairs and sofas, they provide employees with somewhere much more comfortable to spend their break/s. Instead of having to sit at their desk, which actually encourages them to work through their break, they will be able to take themselves away from the main work environment and enjoy their break. 

Being able to use a break out space and have a relaxing rest break is much more important than employers tend to realise and it can have a significant impact on both employee satisfaction and wellbeing. Employees are less likely to be on the verge of burnout when they can take their breaks away from their desks as they will be able to have some time away from the stressful and fast-paced environment of the office. Separate break out spaces promote a healthy work-life balance too and encouraging employees to use these areas shows that you care about your team and their health and wellbeing. 

It is worth noting that multiple studies have shown that employees who take breaks away from their desks throughout the day are much more productive and motivated too. Having a real break helps employees to remain focused and engaged, and it prevents procrastination. Some studies have even found that after a break, employees make fewer mistakes in their work and they’re able to complete their daily tasks with more accuracy. 

Ultimately, the improvement in satisfaction and performance that comes with having a break doesn’t just benefit employees, but it benefits businesses as well. So, it is definitely worthwhile investing more in your workspace and finding a serviced office that provides you with access to fully equipped break out spaces if you don’t already have a dedicated space for employees to use during their rest breaks at work. 

Relocating to a new serviced office in London 

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