Serviced Office vs Leased Office Options

Published On 27th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

For many businesses, although their office space will be one of their biggest annual overheads, they understand how beneficial it is to have an office and will therefore ensure they find room in their budget for a quality workspace. Due to how much they are going to be spending on rent for an office space, businesses will always take their time to ensure they’re choosing the right type of office for them. Two of the most common office solutions include; serviced offices and leased offices, and many will find themselves choosing between these two solutions when finding an office to rent. 

The differences between serviced offices and leased offices 

A leased office is probably the most conventional type of office space to rent. More often than not, businesses will rent a room, a floor or a whole building from a commercial landlord when opting for this office solution and the leases tend to be quite long for these traditional offices. When renting a leased office, you will often only be provided with an empty space and you will be responsible for fitting out this space to turn it into a fully functional office. 

On the contrary, serviced offices are a more contemporary solution and they will usually be rented from a serviced office provider or a business centre. Generally speaking, the lease length for a serviced office is considerably shorter and more flexible than that of a leased office. When renting a serviced office, the space will be fully equipped and fully furnished too, and you will be able to move straight into the space and start working. 

One of the biggest differences between these two office spaces is that when you rent a leased office you will be left to your own devices, so to speak, but when you rent a serviced office, there will be a property/General manager who will take care of everything from general building maintenance and daily cleaning to essential utilities and office security for you. 

To learn more about these two office solutions to help you understand whether your business is suited to a serviced office or leased office, please feel free to browse through our brochure. This brochure explores the benefits and drawbacks of these two options in much more detail. 

Why serviced offices are soaring in popularity

There are a number of different factors to take into consideration when choosing between these two office solutions, such as; the type of business you own, the number of employees you have, your future business plans and whether you are introducing flexible working or hybrid working. However, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to opt for serviced offices regardless of what their current and future circumstances may be. 

There are a number of advantages to renting a serviced office and it is no surprise this solution is continuing to soar in popularity now businesses are starting to return to the office after the pandemic. In addition to the things touched on above; having shorter lease lengths and increased flexibility, and having a fully equipped and managed space, serviced offices stand out from the crowd for numerous other reasons. 

Arguably, one of the biggest benefits of renting a serviced office rather than a leased office is the additional facilities that you are granted access to when doing so. The vast majority of the time, in addition to having a private office space, when you rent a serviced office you will also have access to meeting rooms, breakout spaces, kitchens, chat rooms, phone booths and reception areas. What’s more, access to these facilities is usually included within the rent your business pays on a monthly basis for the private serviced office. 

In fact, the monthly rent your business pays is often inclusive of everything from property costs such as; business rates, service charges and building insurance, operation costs like; facilities management, waste disposal and reception services, and capital expenditure such as; agent fees, total fit-out costs and dilapidations on exit. So, budgeting for this office solution is incredibly straightforward and there won’t ever be any nasty surprises in relation to expenses. 

Trying to find a serviced office in London? 

Should you be interested in renting a serviced office space in London, be sure to contact us here at One Avenue. We provide a number of serviced offices throughout the capital and we have a brilliant selection of locations to choose from. All of our boutique serviced offices are a breath of fresh air and they can be tailored to the look and feel of your business. Each of our locations has a dedicated onsite support team too who provide exceptional hospitality for you and your team. We really do break the mould with our service levels, guaranteeing a world-class office experience and unforgettable first impressions for anyone who visits your new office.