Recent Trends In The Serviced Office Industry 

Published On 25th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

It goes without saying that the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way businesses from all industry sectors work. Over the past year and a half, many have been forced to implement new ways of working and the restrictions that were put in place by the Government have gone on to change the way businesses operate for good. 

Due to the pandemic, serviced office trends have also changed quite considerably and it is likely that they will continue to change as we head into 2021, and beyond. Currently, although many adapted well to remote working, businesses are keen to return to a more traditional workspace and when looking to rent a serviced office space, they have new priorities. Some of the most recent trends relating to the serviced office industry include; 

Increased flexibility 

Hybrid working is likely to be incredibly popular for the foreseeable future as businesses try to find a balance between the old way of working and the new. This has resulted in almost all businesses looking for increased flexibility when it comes to their serviced office and short-term leases are predicted to be more sought after than ever before. In fact, approximately 75% of office landlords expect that their tenants will demand more flexible leases in the future. 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are expected to be looking specifically for flexible serviced offices upon their return to the workspace and premises without long-term rent commitments are set to be the most desirable. Avoiding the many risks associated with long-term leases is something the majority of businesses are keen to do in these uncertain times and renting a flexible serviced office is arguably one of the best ways to do so. 

Collaborative spaces 

After spending months working from home, lots of businesses are wanting to encourage collaboration when they return to the office. ‘Collaboration’ has become a buzzword across all industry sectors as many are becoming more aware of the benefits associated with employees working together on tasks and projects. Everything from employee satisfaction to business innovation can be improved by collaboration, so it’s easy to see why many want to create a collaborative space within their serviced office. 

It is predicted that many will be opting for an open plan or team-based layout that allows for easy collaboration. Businesses will likely put more effort into their seating arrangements too, ensuring that individual employees and departments are deployed across the space in the best possible way, making things like communication and brainstorming as convenient as possible. 

Focus on mental health 

There has been a huge emphasis on how remote working has negatively impacted the mental health of employees and many businesses want to make sure that they’re doing all they can to improve their employees’ wellbeing upon their return to the office. It is thought that businesses will be searching for serviced offices with dedicated breakout areas that employees can use as and when required to reduce stress and help prevent burnouts. 

In addition to designing a serviced office that accommodates collaborative working, businesses will be designing their private offices with employee wellbeing in mind too. It is predicted that biophilic design will be incredibly popular and many will be incorporating natural elements into their new office design in an attempt to make employees feel happier and healthier, and reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism. 

Private meeting rooms

Almost all businesses have endured virtual meetings throughout the pandemic and now that it is safe for them to do so, they are keen to return to the meeting room. When choosing a serviced office, the vast majority will look for a building that provides them with access to spaces such as; meeting spaces, conference spaces and event spaces. Having access to these separate areas will help to reduce the number of virtual meetings that businesses have to host. 

Many are aware of the benefits associated with face-to-face meetings such as; reduced issues with miscommunication and being able to read body language, so when they’re wanting their meetings to be as productive as possible, businesses will always host in a meeting room rather than online. Booking a suitably sized meeting space whether they’re hosting interviews or training sessions, for example, is something that many want to be able to do again. 

Finding flexible serviced offices in London 

When it comes to finding a flexible serviced office in London that is able to accommodate all of your needs in terms of office design and additional facilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the One Avenue team. We have a variety of flexible office spaces available to rent spread across our six locations in the heart of London. All of our serviced offices are customisable to suit the culture of your business and our expert team can help you to design a space that enhances your employees’ day-to-day workplace experience.