Creating A 3D Floor Plan For Your New Serviced Office 

Published On 19th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

When moving into a fully equipped serviced office, employers are usually able to customise the space to suit the culture of their business and it is always recommended they do so if they can. The design of an office space is more important than many initially realise and everything from the colour scheme and lighting to the temperature and seating arrangement will influence performance. Some serviced office providers even offer a 3D floor plan service to assist businesses with their office space design and this is an incredibly advantageous service to use. 

The importance of serviced office design 

A study has found that 11% of global employees are highly dissatisfied with their offices and it is essential that employers dedicate time to ensuring their serviced office space is designed in a way that engages their team. Simply put, the environment your employees work in will directly affect the way they work and this will ultimately have an impact on the overall success of your business. Whether this impact is positive or negative will depend on the design of your office. 

When designing a serviced office space that portrays your business values, encourages motivation and productivity, and also accommodates employees’ working needs, you can generally expect your team to perform better on a daily basis. Not all businesses will have the same requirements when it comes to their office design and it is important to reflect on what is considered to be essential for your employees in regards to their work environment.

In addition to impacting employee performance and satisfaction, the design of your fully serviced office will also influence the first opinions of anyone visiting your space. Your office is essentially an extension of your brand and it can potentially be responsible for prospective job candidates not wanting to work for you. On the contrary, when designed correctly, your office can be a real selling point when you’re trying to both attract and retain top talent. 

Following on from first impressions, if you ever arrange to meet prospective or existing clients at your serviced office, the design of the space will also influence their thoughts about your business. A poorly designed office space can result in damage to your credibility and reputation, and you can expect clients to judge your business on the look and feel of your serviced office. By making sure that your fully serviced office space creates an immersive experience of your brand, you can also ensure that both existing and future business relationships aren’t being hindered. 

Using a 3D floor plan to design your serviced office 

When you use a 3D floor plan to help you design your fully serviced office, you will have the ability to explore all viable options for the space before deciding which design is most suitable for your business. No matter what your individual requirements and preferences are for your private office space, working alongside a design specialist will help you to ensure that you’re making the best decisions for the interior design of the office space. 

Creating a 3D floor plan isn’t just about playing around with the layout of the space and the seating arrangements for your employees either, it is about; the wallpaper or art that you hang on the walls, the flooring or carpet that you lay, and the artificial lighting and accessories that you use. Every element of the design, even those that may seem small and insignificant, can have an impact on how satisfied your employees are with not just their workspace but also their job role. So, using a 3D floor plan is always worthwhile when you’re designing a new high-quality serviced office.

Finding a new fully serviced office space in London

If you’re searching for a fully serviced office space in London that you can customise to suit your business, please contact us here at One Avenue. We have a brilliant range of offices to choose from and our experienced team will take the time to understand the full scope of the culture of your business, enabling them to advise on everything from office layout to team deployment across the space. We also offer the 3D floor plan service mentioned above and we can virtually create various designs for your fully serviced office space in London, enabling you to play around with every inch of the space before making any final decisions regarding the design.