Top Tips For Creating A Collaborative Serviced Office 

Published On 16th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

‘Collaboration’ is a buzzword across all industry sectors and the benefits of collaboration are something that everyone is talking about. From increased employee productivity and satisfaction to improved innovation and performance, collaboration can be incredibly influential on business success and it is easy to see why so many are keen to encourage collaboration in the workplace nowadays. 

The serviced office space you rent will directly impact how easy it is for employees to work together as a team throughout the day, and you will likely find that in order for your office to be a collaborative space, you need to make a few changes. If you’re wondering how to create a collaborative serviced office, keep reading today. Below we have put together a list of useful tips for designing a workspace that enables and encourages collaboration. 

Opt for an open-plan or team-based office layout 

The layout you choose for your office space will make a big difference to how your team works. Generally speaking, open-plan or team-based offices are much more suitable for collaborative working and they will enable employees to easily communicate with one another throughout the day. When compared to a traditional cubicle layout, these modern solutions will make it incredibly easy for employees to all work together to achieve a common goal. 

Provide spacious workstations 

To enable two or more employees to work together in the same space, you need to ensure that your workstations are big enough. In addition to being able to accommodate all essential equipment, your desks should be big enough for communal work and having space for multiple employees to sit around one computer and work together is incredibly advantageous. Having joint workstations is also very useful and it will provide your employees with a large space to work should they require it for different tasks and projects. 

Design inspiring private meeting rooms

Whilst open-plan offices are brilliant for collaborative work, private meeting rooms are still important to have. In fact, these spaces are ideal for brainstorming and focused projects, and providing employees with somewhere that they can all sit down together around the same table is really useful. Designing inspiring meeting rooms will help your employees to come up with creative and innovative ideas too and ideally, these should be motivating spaces.  

Have break out spaces for employees 

In order to get the most out of your employees when they’re working collaboratively, you should ensure that they also have somewhere to relax during the working day. Break out spaces are undeniably essential in all serviced offices and they provide employees with somewhere they can go to destress when they’re feeling overwhelmed. You may even find that these break out spaces help to improve employee morale and also build better relationships too, which will go on to positively impact collaborative work. 

Use colour in your interior design 

The interior design of any office space is really important and the colours you choose to use will affect everything from employee behaviour and mood to productivity. Instead of having a neutral colour scheme, try to incorporate some brighter colours into your serviced office space to create an energising environment. Using the right colours can make a big difference in this regard and they will help to ensure that all employees are engaged when they’re collaborating. 

Finding a serviced office in London

If you’re interested in creating a collaborative serviced office, hopefully, the tips above will be useful. Taking into consideration these different ideas can help you to transform an office space from somewhere quite ordinary to somewhere that is going to help you reach your business goals. So, don’t hesitate to make some changes to your workspace today. 

Should you be trying to find a new serviced office in London that you can turn into a collaborative space, be sure to visit the One Avenue website. We have a number of office locations throughout the capital and we can help you find the perfect home for your business. All of our private office spaces can be customised to suit the culture of your business and you can ensure that the total fit-out, from the interior design to the office furniture, is in line with your preferences. If you have any questions about our serviced offices in London, feel free to get in touch with our team.