Things To Consider Relating To Location When Finding A Serviced Office 

Published On 13th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Although there are a number of different factors to think about when you’re trying to find a serviced office for your organisation, location is arguably one of the most important. Your location will affect everything from the first impressions of your company to the attractiveness of your job vacancies, and being well-located is undeniably essential no matter what industry sector your organisation falls under. 

However, being ‘well-located’ means different things to different companies and not everyone will have the same requirements in this regard. That being said, there are a few things that all organisations should consider when they’re choosing where they’d like their serviced office to be located and these are essential to helping them find the perfect home for their company. So, when you’re deciding on a location for your serviced office, be sure to think about; 

The reputation of the area

There are positive and negative connotations associated with different locations and these connotations will influence people’s thoughts and opinions of your organisation. Simply put, if your postcode is in an area that is known for being run down, for example, then it is likely that prospective clients will make assumptions about the current financial state of your company. 

Ideally, you should find a serviced office that is located in an area with a good reputation, this will help to ensure that your address alone isn’t offputting to clients. Try not to choose areas that people tend to have preconceived negative opinions about. 

The local transport links 

Being able to easily access your serviced office is essential and you will find that some locations are better than others in this regard. To ensure that both employees and clients won’t struggle to get to your office space, try to find a serviced office that is accessible via various modes of transport and that is reasonably convenient to get to. 

It is essential to note that your office’s distance from public car parks and transport links will affect employee’s daily commutes which will, in turn, affect employee productivity and job satisfaction. You may also find that how easy your serviced office is to get to will influence the desirability of your organisation amongst job candidates. 

The amenities within walking distance

Another thing that will impact employees’ satisfaction is the amenities that are local to your serviced office space. Having the ability to pop to a supermarket after work or to a bank on a lunch break can be incredibly useful and it will help to make the day-to-day lives of employees much less stressful. Local amenities can even improve their overall work-life balance too. 

Should your organisation ever need to entertain clients, having a selection of restaurants, bars and even hotels nearby can be really advantageous as well. So, make sure you look at what the surrounding area has to offer when you’re trying to find a serviced office.  

The other nearby businesses 

Whenever you’re relocating, it is essential to take into consideration the other businesses that are located nearby the serviced offices that you’re looking at. Being located in an area that is known for your industry is very beneficial networking-wise and it can also help you to gain new employees and clients, and maybe even investors too. 

However, in the same breath, having your direct competitors right on your doorstep has its downsides too and it isn’t always the best decision for all organisations. When choosing a new location for your company, always ensure that you’re researching who the neighbouring businesses are and what they offer their clients. 

Finding well-located serviced offices in London

Ultimately, there is no denying that location is really important and when you’re trying to find a serviced office space for your company, it is essential to ensure that it is well-located. Taking into consideration everything mentioned above should help you to narrow down the many serviced office locations available and choose one that is ideal for your organisation, whatever being ‘well-located’ might mean to you. 

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