The Reasons Why Fully Serviced Office Spaces Are So Popular 

Published On 11th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Traditionally, when choosing an office space for your business you would have two different options, you could either; rent an office in an office building or purchase a commercial space and turn it into an office. However, nowadays, there are plenty of other options to explore and for many, modern office space solutions tend to be much more suitable for their business. 


One of the most popular options available to business owners these days is ‘fully serviced offices’ and many will turn to serviced office providers when they’re looking for a new home for their business. There are so many unique advantages to this type of office space and it is undeniably an option that all businesses should consider. If you’re wondering why fully serviced office spaces are so popular, keep reading today. 


They are fully equipped and fully furnished 


Unlike the vast majority of other office spaces, fully serviced offices are ready to move straight into. They are fully equipped and fully furnished, preventing any hassle when it comes to setting up a new office and they are incredibly convenient. Being able to start working from the office straight away can significantly reduce downtime when you’re moving to a new office space too.  


They can be customised for your business


Many don’t realise that some fully serviced office spaces can even be customised to suit the culture of a business. You will be able to work with the office provider to create a space that meets all of your individual needs and the office won’t be generic in design. This has a number of advantages and customisation of the interior design can optimise the productivity of employees and enhance their day-to-day workplace experience.


They make budgeting really straightforward


Fully serviced office spaces are unique in the fact that their monthly rent is inclusive of property costs, operational costs and various other capital expenditures. Generally speaking, you will only pay a monthly license fee, making your office space incredibly easy to budget for, and you won’t have to worry about paying any additional unexpected expenses relating to your office.


They offer access to various additional facilities


When renting a fully serviced office, businesses also have access to a number of other useful facilities that are on-site. From kitchens and breakout areas to meeting rooms and reception spaces, the building that you work from will be able to cater for all of your business needs and you won’t have to hire additional professional spaces when you need to use them. 


They provide you with a private office space


Not only are fully serviced office spaces incredibly flexible, offering businesses much shorter minimum terms, but they also still provide businesses with their own private workspace too. This type of office prevents anyone who is looking to avoid long term commitment from having to share a workspace with other businesses or freelancers and this modern solution is considered to be ‘the best of both worlds’, so to speak. 


They are very low maintenance


Due to the fact that when you rent a fully serviced office space it is maintained by an office provider, you won’t have to worry about taking care of the building yourself. Often, everything from general building maintenance to office cleaning will be included in the monthly license fee, preventing additional costs and also enabling you to focus on other more important things.


Renting a fully serviced office space in London


All in all, it is easy to see why fully serviced office spaces are one of the most popular options available and they are incredibly beneficial for businesses of all shapes and sizes. When you’re considering which office space you should choose for your business, it is definitely worthwhile looking into fully serviced offices in much more detail and it is likely that they will be the perfect solution for you, whatever your needs may be. 


If you’re interested in renting a fully serviced office space in London, don’t hesitate to contact us here at One Avenue. We have a number of beautifully designed offices that are well-located throughout the capital and you can trust that we will be able to provide you with the perfect home for your business. We pride ourselves on breaking the mould with our service levels and there really is no one better to turn to for serviced offices in London.