Questions To Ask Before Renting A Flexible Serviced Office 

Published On 7th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Due to the uncertainty of the past year and also the foreseeable future, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to look for flexible serviced offices. Many are moving away from traditional lengthy leases and choosing to rent somewhere that provides them with greater leeway, reducing the likelihood of their workspace not being able to accommodate their ever-changing needs. 

As you may expect, not all serviced offices are ‘flexible’ and there are also varying levels of flexibility too. For this reason, when you’re choosing a new workspace to rent, there are a few questions that you need to ask to ensure that the serviced office will be able to meet your requirements in this regard. So, before signing a lease agreement, always take the time to ask a serviced office provider the following questions; 

What is the minimum term?

Generally speaking, the shorter a minimum term is, the better when you’re looking for flexibility. Having a short minimum term of three months or so prevents you from having to commit to a space long term and it enables you to move into a new office space at short notice should you ever need to. So, ensure that you know the minimum term and you may also want to inquire about the maximum term as well, for peace of mind. 

Will my business have a private office?

You will find that not all flexible serviced offices are also private offices and sometimes, due to the fact they’re ‘flexible’, they will be co-working spaces or shared offices. If having a private space is essential to you, then you need to check that you won’t be sharing your office space with other businesses or freelance professionals.

Are all costs included in the monthly fee?

More often than not, serviced office providers charge one monthly fee to rent an office space, however, what’s included in this fee will differ depending on the provider. To prevent any nasty surprises and costly bills at the end of the month, it is important to know exactly what is included in the monthly fee and what any potential additional costs are 

Can the office be customised to my business?

Not all office providers will enable you to customise a flexible serviced office and this can be detrimental to things such as employee motivation and productivity. Having control over the office’s layout and interior design is more important than many initially realise, so be sure to ask whether you have the option to adapt the space to your preferences. 

What other facilities are available on-site?

The vast majority of locations that offer businesses serviced offices to rent will benefit from a number of other shared facilities and it is always worth enquiring about these. Whether you think it would be useful to have kitchens, breakout spaces, meeting rooms, phone booths or reception areas, for example, check whether they’re available for you to use. 

Is it possible to downsize or upsize in the future?

One of the biggest advantages of a flexible serviced office is that it enables you to adapt your workspace to your business’s needs as and when they change. For this reason, it is always helpful to know whether you’re able to downsize or upsize to a different office space in the same building, should you need to in the future. 

How much of a deposit is required?

Of course, budget is always something that you need to consider when choosing a flexible serviced office space to rent and as well as thinking about the monthly expense of an office, you also need to bear in mind any upfront costs too. To make sure that you can afford the office space, you need to know how much of a deposit the provider requires.

Renting a flexible serviced office in London

All in all, there really are a number of advantages to renting a flexible serviced office space and it is no surprise that flexibility is essential to businesses of all shapes and sizes at this moment in time. Hopefully, by asking an office provider all of the above questions, you will be able to ensure that a serviced office meets your needs in terms of flexibility, preventing you from signing into a lease that isn’t actually suitable. 

If you’re searching for flexible serviced offices in London to rent, feel free to get in touch with our team here at One Avenue. We have a number of desirable office locations in central London and no matter what your individual needs are for your private office space, it is likely that we will be able to assist you. All of our offices are flexible too and with a minimum term of just three months, you won’t have to sign a lengthy contract when you turn to us. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about our flexible office spaces today.