Overcoming Common Office Issues Faced By Businesses

Published On 5th November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Finding an office space that is ‘perfect’ can sometimes feel like an impossible task and unfortunately, lots of businesses will end up compromising when it comes to choosing a new serviced office to rent. Often, this then results in them facing various different problems throughout the time that their business calls this mediocre office their home. 

When you’re looking for a new serviced office to rent, it goes without saying that it is always beneficial to ensure that everything meets your individual needs, from the location to the interior design, and doing so will help to prevent you from experiencing the common issues faced by businesses relating to their workspace. If you’re wondering what some of these common issues are, below we have looked into them in more detail and provided advice on how to overcome them or ideally, avoid them altogether. 

Hindering the first impressions of a business

Your serviced office will influence people’s thoughts and opinions about your business and many will form preconceived notions based solely on your workspace. To ensure that your business is giving off the best possible first impression and your reputation isn’t being negatively affected by your office space, you should look to rent a well-located office with a good postcode that is beautifully designed both inside and out. 

Lack of space for future growth 

Whenever you’re choosing an office to rent, it is important to think about the future. One of the biggest benefits of serviced offices is that they’re more flexible than other working spaces, however, the minimum terms available will differ. So, to make sure that you’re able to adapt the size of your working space to your ever-changing needs, it is important to opt for a serviced office that has a short minimum term. 

Long and inconvenient commutes for employees

The location of your office space will directly affect the motivation and overall satisfaction of your team, and having an office that is convenient to get to is essential in this regard. Ideally, to prevent your employees’ commutes from negatively impacting them during the working day, you should search for a serviced office that is situated in close proximity to various transport links. 

Additional expenses for professional spaces 

Should your office be unable to meet your day-to-day working requirements, it is likely that you will have increased expenses from needing to rent other professional working spaces. In order to reduce the amount you spend on these spaces, you should rent a serviced office that also provides you with access to useful facilities such as; meeting rooms and phone booths. 

Decreasing productivity levels

Everything from the layout of your office to the interior design of the space will influence your employees’ productivity and, in turn, the success of your business. To ensure that you’re not hindering yourself in this regard, it is important to choose a serviced office that is customisable to suit the culture of your business. This will enable you to design an office space that is positively affecting employee performance. 

Not attracting talented candidates for job roles

In addition to taking into consideration your existing employees, when you rent an office you also need to think about any future employees too. The serviced office you choose will influence your ability to attract and retain employees, and to make sure that you have the best possible team you should look for an office in a desirable location. This will help your future job vacancies appeal to the right candidates. 

Finding a suitable local London serviced office

Hopefully, when you’re trying to choose a new serviced office space for your business, the information above will be beneficial. Now that you’re aware of some of the most commonly faced issues relating to office space, you can ensure that you’re bearing these in mind when deciding where your business is going to be located for the foreseeable future.

If you’re trying to find a suitable local London serviced office for your business, feel free to explore the rest of the One Avenue website. We have a brilliant selection of fully equipped and fully furnished offices available to rent throughout the capital and no matter what you have in mind for your office space, we will do all we can to accommodate your needs. Our serviced offices in London will be a breath of fresh air for both you and your employees, and you can guarantee that you will be proud to call one of them your home.