Choosing The Best Layout For Your Serviced Office Space 

Published On 1st November 2021 by Kerri McMahon

There are a number of advantages to renting a serviced office, one of the biggest being that the space is fully furnished and fully equipped. Some serviced office providers will even enable you to customise your private office to meet your business’s individual needs, from interior design to workspace layout, and this is incredibly beneficial. 

Many don’t realise just how important things such as layout are and it definitely isn’t something that you should overlook when you’re creating the perfect home for your business. If you hadn’t thought much about the layout of your serviced office space and you’re wondering what type of layout would be best for you and your employees, keep reading today. Below we have looked into the importance of having the right layout and the different layout options available.  

Why is layout important in an office space?

Simply put, the layout of your serviced office space will affect everything from the smooth running of operations to your employees’ general well-being. You will notice that depending on where you choose to place your employees’ workstations will influence how easy it is for them to communicate with one another, impacting efficiency and collaboration, and how motivated they are throughout the day, impacting the overall productivity of your team.

How you decide to layout your office will also affect how many workstations you’re able to fit in the space and, in turn, how many employees you can hire too. So, it is incredibly important to ensure that you’re making the most of your floor space and making the right layout decisions for your employees, their job roles and the type of business that you run. 

What are the most popular layout options?

Open-plan offices

As the name suggests, an open-plan layout is when there are no walls or dividers between workstations. Generally speaking, different workstations and work areas are defined by the placement of furniture alone and the whole space will be one big office. Sometimes, there will be individual rooms that can be used as private meeting spaces, when required. 

Open-plan offices are known for being brilliant for things like collaboration and teamwork, but they can also be noisy and distracting, which isn’t always ideal for an office space. 

Cubicle offices

This is one of the most traditional office layouts and it couldn’t be more different from an open-plan layout. Cubicle offices are made up of individual workstations that are defined by partition walls. Each of these ‘cubicles’ are designed to be used by just one employee and they separate every member of your team. 

Due to the fact that cubicle layouts provide private workspaces, they are great for employees who deal with confidential matters and who need to be able to focus. However, they can sometimes be quite isolating which can negatively affect morale. 

Low partition offices 

A low partition layout is considered to be the best of both worlds, so to speak. Whilst it is very similar to a cubicle layout in the sense that it separates workstations, the partition walls are much lower, enabling employees to easily interact with one another without leaving their desks, yet they still have their own private space. 

Often, similarly to open-plan offices, low partition offices will also have dedicated meeting rooms for when complete privacy is required. 

Team-based offices 

One of the most modern layout options is a team-based or team-cluster layout. This type of office space is designed to separate employees into groups and workstations are created for multiple people to use at once. Aptly named, this layout is perfect for group projects and teamwork, and it creates a collaborative environment. 

Team-based offices enable employees to easily communicate and they help to strengthen working relationships. However, they don’t provide employees with their own dedicated workstation and again, they can be quite noisy. 

Finding the best serviced office space in London

All in all, it is fair to say that you shouldn’t neglect to think about layout when you’re working from a serviced office space and it is incredibly important to choose the best layout for your business. Hopefully, now that you know a little bit more about the different layout options you have to choose from, you will find it easier to decide which would suit your business best and help to improve everything from the efficiency of operations to the motivation of your team. 

If you’re unhappy with your current office layout and you’re looking to move to another space, be sure to visit the One Avenue website. We pride ourselves on providing businesses with the best serviced office spaces in London and we work closely with them to create a workspace for their business that meets all of their individual needs. Unlike other serviced office providers, we can advise you on everything from office layout to team deployment across the office space and total fit-out costs are included in our monthly license fee. If you have any questions at all about renting a serviced office in London with us, feel free to get in touch today.