What To Look For In A Flexible Serviced Office 

Published On 3rd September 2021 by Kerri McMahon

More so than ever before, flexibility is essential to businesses when they’re looking for a new workspace. Flexible offices are becoming increasingly sought-after and many are doing all they can to avoid having to sign a long-term lease agreement. The freedom that comes with this type of office space is something that many require during these uncertain times and not being tied to a workspace for many years is incredibly advantageous. 


When wanting to air on the side of caution when choosing a new workspace and opt for a flexible serviced office, navigating the market for a business centre that is suitable isn’t always easy. Not all offices provide the same amount of flexibility and to prevent any mistakes from being made in this regard, it is always important to look out for a few key things when choosing a flexible serviced office, including; 


A short minimum term 


One of the most essential things to look for in a flexible serviced office is a short minimum term. Ideally, you should be able to rent the space for as little as a few months, preventing any long term commitment. It shouldn’t be difficult to find the minimum term of a serviced office and this will give you an indication of how ‘flexible’ it really is and whether it can meet your needs. 


All-inclusive and transparent pricing


Not all flexible serviced offices are paid for in the same way and sometimes, they can end up being extortionate. To ensure you’re avoiding any nasty surprises at the end of each month, look for an office that has one monthly license fee. This should cover property costs and operational costs, so you won’t be faced with unexpected costs during your time renting the space. 


A private office space 


These days there are lots of different flexible workspace options available, from co-working spaces to hybrid solutions, and if you require your own private office space, you need to look for somewhere that can offer you this. If you don’t check that you can have your own private space, you risk having to share your office space with other companies or freelancers. 


Customisation of the space 


Just because you might only be in a flexible serviced office for a short period of time, doesn’t mean that its interior design doesn’t matter. In order to ensure that the space is in line with your brand and suits the culture of your business, you need to look for an office that can be customised and fitted out to meet all of your individual requirements. 


Room for future growth 


Many choose to rent a flexible serviced office in case they need to downsize in the near future, however, it is essential to look for somewhere that won’t be restricting your potential growth. Being able to rent some additional space or another office if required is really important and this can prevent you from needing to uproot your whole business again. 


Access to other facilities


Serviced offices are known for providing businesses with access to additional facilities and you need to look for a space that offers everything you’re likely to require in this regard. Whether you’d like kitchen areas, break out spaces, meeting rooms, phone booths, reception areas or event spaces, make sure that a flexible workspace is able to meet your needs.


Finding a flexible serviced office in London


It is no surprise that flexible office spaces are so popular nowadays and thankfully, finding one that is perfect for you doesn’t have to be too difficult. When you look out for everything mentioned above, you shouldn’t struggle to find a new private office space that benefits from the increased flexibility that you require at this time. You will then be able to move into a new office in confidence knowing that you won’t be trapped in this space for years to come. 


When you’re trying to find a flexible serviced office in London, make sure you explore the One Avenue website. We understand just how important flexibility is to businesses nowadays and we have a number of office locations throughout London that can provide you with the flexible home that you’re looking for. As a company, we’re based on traditional values and we will always go above and beyond to help you in any way that we can, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all about our serviced office spaces in London.