How Businesses Needs Have Changed This Past Year Relating To Their Workspace 

Published On 23rd August 2021 by Kerri McMahon

This past year of unconventional working due to the coronavirus pandemic has caused many businesses to question their workspace needs. A huge percentage of businesses were forced to work remotely for the first time ever and this has resulted in them reevaluating what is actually important to them relating to their office space and, in turn, looking for a new workspace to return to once it is safe for them to do so. 


Whilst all businesses have unique needs for their workspace, there are a handful of things that almost everyone is looking for in 2021 and many are turning to business centres and serviced office providers to find suitable office solutions. If you’re currently contemplating what the future of your business’s workspace will look like and you’re wondering what other businesses are now looking for in an office, below we have listed some of the most common needs influenced by the events of this past year. 


Short minimum terms 


Whilst traditionally businesses would be happy to sign into a lengthy lease for an office space, this is no longer the case. Many are wanting to avoid long term commitment due to the uncertainty of the future and they’re searching for spaces that have short minimum terms. 


Many business owners would prefer to sign a contract for a few months rather than a few years, and thankfully, solutions like serviced offices tend to allow them to do this. The short minimum terms offered by business centres and serviced office providers make the workspace solutions they provide incredibly sought after and they are likely to be the first choice for many when they eventually return to a traditional workspace later this year. 


Increased flexibility 


In addition to wanting flexibility relating to their lease length, businesses are also wanting flexibility relating to the size of their workspace too. Not being able to predict how well their business is going to do in the next few months has resulted in businesses being overly cautious. 


It isn’t uncommon for businesses to look for flexible serviced offices that enable them to downsize in the future if they need to, but also expand should they require more space as well. Having the option to rent another adjacent office can be incredibly beneficial for businesses that might need more workstations for new employees to enable them to meet demand, and this can prevent them from having to frequently move their business. 


All-inclusive monthly fees 


Being able to effectively budget can be difficult when the cost of a workspace is different every month and, for this reason, lots of  businesses are looking for office spaces with one fixed monthly license fee that is all-inclusive of essential costs. 


Preferably, businesses would pay for property costs like rent and service charge, operation costs like building maintenance and utility bills and capital expenditure like total fit-out and facilities, all in a fixed monthly payment. This helps them to avoid any nasty surprises and their workspace will be cost-effective for them as they start to increase their revenue again. 


On-site facilities 


Commonly when they require a meeting room or a conference space, businesses will hire these separately, but now many are keen to have these facilities to hand whenever they may need to use them. This can make day-to-day business operations much easier. 


When looking at workspaces like serviced offices, the available facilities will influence lots of businesses’ choice for their new home. From kitchens and breakout areas to phone booths and event spaces, all of these additional facilities can come in very handy and they’re likely to be used on a regular basis as businesses try to rebuild after the downtime of this past year. 


Finding flexible serviced offices in London


Unsurprisingly businesses’ needs have changed quite considerably this past year in relation to their workspaces and thankfully, business centres and office space providers alike have ensured that they are still able to meet the needs of their clients. When you’re searching for a flexible serviced office in London that you can rent for a short period of time whilst you decide what the next steps are for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us here at One Avenue. 


We have numerous serviced office spaces in London available to rent and we can provide you with a suitable private office for the time you need. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses who work in the capital and our experienced team will do all they can to accommodate you at this time. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the perfect flexible home for your business.