How A Fully Serviced Office Space Can Make Your Life As A Business Owner Much Easier

Published On 17th August 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Whilst owning a business can be incredibly rewarding, there is no denying that it is also a lot of hard work. Whether you’re the owner of a small start-up business or a long-standing established business, you will have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and every working day will have its own unique challenges. 


Unsurprisingly, many business owners will look for ways that they can make their day-to-day working life as easy as possible and often, simply moving workspace could be the answer to some of your problems. Relocating to a fully serviced office is a really straightforward way to reduce some of the daily stress you have as a business owner and there are so many advantages to being situated in a business centre. Below we have looked into some of the different ways a fully serviced office space can positively impact your working life. 


Always know how much your workspace is going to cost 


Fully serviced office spaces are incredibly easy to budget for as you will only have to pay one monthly license fee. This fee will be inclusive of essential property costs such as; rent, service charge and building insurance, as well as operational costs like; office cleaning, utility bills and security. Planning your business expenses in advance couldn’t be more straightforward when you move to this type of workspace. 


Reduce the amount of time you spend finding professional spaces 


When you work in a business centre, as well as having your own private office space, you will also have access to a number of other useful facilities. With professional spaces like meeting rooms and conference venues on-site, as well as event spaces, and already paid for within your license fee, you won’t ever have the hassle of finding suitable locations to meet clients or host events again. You will quite literally have everything that you need on your doorstep. 


Prevent timely and costly office building maintenance


Unlike when you own a commercial property, you won’t be responsible for any essential maintenance when you rent a fully serviced office space. The business centre’s management team will take care of everything from daily office cleaning through to general building works, enabling you to focus your time and money on other aspects of your business. Everything important in this regard will be taken care of for you. 


Have a reception space with a welcoming team 


Your business will always give off the best first impression when you’re working from a fully serviced office space and anyone who meets you here will receive a warm yet professional welcome. Whether you have interviews planned or clients coming in for meetings, you won’t have to put your day on hold whilst you wait for visitors to arrive and an on-site team will inform you when they’re waiting in reception for you. 


Naturally grow your business with networking opportunities


Due to the fact that your business won’t be the only one working in a business centre, you will have an abundance of networking opportunities that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. Simply working in a fully serviced office space will enable you to meet other businesses that can go on to help you in a number of different ways. You will no longer have to find time for networking events and you might even save on things like marketing costs too. 


Renting a fully serviced office space in London


Ultimately, there is no denying that moving into a fully serviced office is a brilliant business decision to make and it can have such a positive impact on your day-to-day working life as a business owner. The many benefits associated with this type of private office makes it a worthwhile working space solution to consider and you can almost guarantee that moving into a business centre will be one of the best things you do to date. 


If you’re considering renting a fully serviced office space in London and you’re looking for the ideal location to move to, be sure to explore the One Avenue website. We have a selection of office locations throughout the capital and you can trust that we will have an office environment that is able to meet all of your needs and requirements. All of our flexible office spaces are fully equipped and fully furnished too, and our highly trained on-site staff will be available to help you in any way required, so there is no better provider to turn to for a serviced office in London.