Why Working Remotely Full Time Isn’t Good For Your Business 

Published On 9th July 2021 by Kerri McMahon

For more than a year now, hundreds of businesses have been working remotely and many have been surprised by just how well their employees have been able to work from home. When they have had limited issues and have been able to operate fairly successfully as a ‘remote business’, some are questioning whether they really require an office space anymore and if they’d be able to continue working remotely for the foreseeable future. 


Whilst there is no denying that not having a serviced office space in London can save your business some money, many don’t realise just how damaging working remotely full time can be, especially when your employees know what it is like to be in a traditional work environment. If you’re currently contemplating giving up your office, below we have looked into some of the main reasons why working remotely isn’t good for your business. 


The novelty has worn off 


A couple of years ago, being able to work from home was seen as a job perk and it would be something that only very few people were able to do. For this reason, when businesses first started working remotely, many employees really enjoyed this opportunity. Yet, now the novelty has worn off, the vast majority would gladly return to the office at any time. 


Lots of employees feel isolated and disconnected from their colleagues and your business as a whole when working remotely, and their normal working routine has completely changed too. The health and wellbeing of employees will continue to suffer whilst they’re working remotely. 


Collaboration and innovation opportunities will be missed 


Even if you’re using video technology to help employees stay connected when they’re working remotely, nothing compares to having everyone together in the same room. Bouncing ideas off of one another is much harder over the internet and many struggle with creativity and inspiration when they’ve been working by themselves for prolonged periods of time too. 


The lack of collaboration will also cause innovation to grind to a halt. When no new products, processes or services are being developed and implemented, your business will be less efficient and you may even end up losing your competitive advantage. 


Morale will hit an all time low 


Maintaining a good team spirit when all of your employees are working remotely can be incredibly difficult and keeping morale high can be virtually impossible. Often, working from home causes employees to be less satisfied with their working life and this will usually result in high levels of absenteeism and high employee turnover rates.


Having low morale is more detrimental than businesses realise and it influences everything from employee productivity and performance to customer satisfaction and retention. Low morale often spreads too and it can end up affecting your entire team. 


Growth will become difficult to manage 


Business growth is essential to business success and working remotely can make it much more difficult to grow your business. Not only will working from home result in less focus being put on employee development and upgrading the skills of your team, but it will also affect the talent you attract when you require additional support as your business needs change. 


Working remotely isn’t suited to everyone and it can be off putting to experienced candidates who are used to working in a more traditional environment. Any new starters can also struggle to get to grips with their new role and build a connection with a business when working remotely. 


Returning to a managed serviced office in London


Ultimately, whilst working remotely may have been fairly successful for you this past year, it shouldn’t be something that you continue to do full time without a lot of thought. It is absolutely essential to look into the negative aspects of working remotely rather than being blindsided by the amount of money you could potentially save. Simply put, for the majority of businesses that used to work in an office, it is beneficial to return to this space when it is safe to do so. 


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