The Importance Of Choosing A Well-located Serviced Office 

Published On 30th June 2021 by Kerri McMahon

Whilst it goes without saying that you will have a number of different things to take into consideration when choosing the best serviced office for your business, location is something that should be at the forefront of your mind. These days, there is an abundance of office buildings and business centres to choose from in the City of London, however, some of these will be in more desirable destinations than others. 


When narrowing down your choices and deciding where you’d like to base your business, opting for a well-located serviced office should be of the utmost importance and as you may expect, where your office is situated can affect a number of factors that all influence how successful your business will be. If you’re wondering what these factors are, below we have looked into some of the main reasons why choosing a well-located serviced office is essential. 


Your business’ first impression


The location of your serviced office will play a huge role in peoples’ first impressions of your business. People have preconceived opinions about specific areas and depending on where you choose to locate your business, these opinions might not work in your favour. More often than not, your location will hint at things like your success and reliability too, and it is essential that the office location you choose doesn’t deter people from doing business with you.


How accessible your office is 


Simply put, the location of your serviced office will determine how accessible it is for both your employees and your clients. When your office is well-located, there will be various transport links nearby and you shouldn’t struggle to get to it no matter what your preferred method of transportation is. It should never be an inconvenience for people to come to your serviced office and if it is, it will put them off wanting to work either for you or with you. 


Attracting and retaining employees


Where your office is will affect the length and the ease of your employees’ commute which will, in turn, affect how satisfied they are with their job and their work/life balance. When you’re in the wrong location, your employees will be tired and unmotivated, significantly affecting the day-to-day running of your business. In addition to this, the location of your serviced office will also impact how easy it is to hire experienced and talented employees.


Local networking opportunities


Different areas are known for accommodating different industries and being well-located in an area that is known as home to similar businesses to yours will help you to gain new clients and potentially new employees and investors too. You will also have the opportunity to network with like minded people and learn from their experiences. Generally speaking, being in a location that is thriving makes it easier to build good business connections and relationships. 


Room for growth 


No matter what size your business currently is, outgrowing your working space is something that can easily be done, especially when you’re situated in a good location that isn’t limiting your success. Having to uproot your business and move to a bigger serviced office space can be detrimental, but when you’re well-located there is more likely to be lots of suitable office solutions nearby that meet your needs, preventing you from having to move too far away.  


Finding the best serviced office in London to rent 


There really is no denying that when you’re choosing a serviced office space for your business, it is incredibly important to ensure that you’re only considering well-located buildings. Being in a desirable destination can be incredibly beneficial no matter what industry you work in or how long you’ve been operating and you definitely shouldn’t ever overlook the location of an office when you’re choosing where to base your business. 


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