The Importance Of An Office Space When Expanding Your Workforce 

Published On 28th June 2021 by Kerri McMahon

For over a year now, a number of businesses have been working remotely and there is no denying that whilst many have been able to operate fairly successfully when doing so, there are some aspects of their business that have suffered. There are also different occasions where the importance of an office space can’t be overlooked and remote working is incomparable to being in a traditional work environment. 


One of these occasions is when you’re expanding your workforce and there are so many reasons why you are much better off having a private office space when you’re trying to hire new employees and help them settle into their role with your business. If you’ve been contemplating whether your office space is something that you really need, below we have explored some of the main reasons why it is so important to have when your business is growing and you have vacant job roles. 


Attract better candidates for your vacancies 


More often than not, having a well-located office space will help you to attract more suitable and highly skilled candidates for the roles that you’re advertising. It is fair to say that remote working isn’t for everyone and you run the risk of the best candidates overlooking your vacancies when you don’t have an office space. You may find that people who have never solely worked from home before will be less likely to apply for the role due to fear of the unknown as well. 


Give off the best first impression


Without an office space, you may struggle to find somewhere professional to hold your interviews and meeting in a coffee shop or having a virtual interview can give off the wrong impression of your business. When you have an office space, especially if it is a services office space, you will have access to meeting rooms that can be used for your interviews and you can ensure that you’re selling your business to the candidates that you’re really interested in.


Provide new employees with support 


When starting a new job, even if they’re really experienced, new employees will need a fair amount of training and support. Providing what’s required in this regard when you’re working remotely can be really difficult and it can make the induction phase much longer than it needs to be. By working from an office space, you can ensure that new employees are provided with everything they need to feel comfortable and confident in their role with your business. 


Make employees feel like part of the team


Working for a company where you have never met any of your co-workers face-to-face before can be really isolating and lots of new employees will struggle if their co-workers feel like strangers, even after a few months of working for your business. An office space provides new employees with the opportunity to get to know their co-workers and after a short period of time, they will start to feel like part of the team, which is vital for a good working relationship. 


Address issues as and when they arise


Expanding your workforce isn’t always plain sailing and it is likely that there will be bumps in the road at various points of the process. When you’re working in a traditional office environment, you will find it much easier to not only identify any issues, but to address them and overcome them too. You will also find that new employees feel more comfortable raising any problems they’re having when they work in an office space, preventing anything from building up. 


Increase the retention rate of employees


Everything mentioned above will probably result in the new employees that you hire enjoying their job role and starting to form attachments to your business which will, in turn, reduce the chances of them handing in their notice. Often, working in an office space can help to reduce your employee turnover rate and prevent the continued hassle of having to rehire time and time again. Of course, this can save a lot of money in HR expenses too. 


Renting a large serviced office in London 


All in all, it is fair to say that you shouldn’t overlook the importance of having a traditional workspace when you’re wanting to expand your workforce. There are so many benefits to having an office space, both during the hiring process and also when new employees are settling in, and these are always worth taking into consideration if you’re ever contemplating giving up your private office space for good. 


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